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I am a storyteller. Stories that need to be told. Stories that must not be forgotten. For over 35 years I have been researching the hidden history of mankind, and its religious and cultural path through the past. I have visited many countries including Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Egypt, just to be able to sense its soul.

However, it wasn't until my husband and I settled on Occitan soil in 2000, that I truly understood the deeper secrets of mankind. I have discovered how rich this area is, how important its role was throughout history and still is. Sometimes I would find clues to major enigmas without even looking. All I had to do was to follow the bread crumbs. How mysterious are the ways in which we are led to discoveries, truths and the path we need to set foot on.

With this book I would like to share my findings, as well as some of the teachings that I have found illuminating, with as many people as possible, and help heal a few wrongly damaged reputations while I am at it.

My ancestors come from the Languedoc, France, where I live now. Therefore I chose to write under my ancestral name to go back to my roots. My family has a very special coat of arms/seal, which is the dove sitting on a branch, holding a laurel in its beak. When I brought my father to Montségur in 2001 I had no idea of my family's history. Only after he became emotional when we reached the monument to the Cathars, I heard from him the story he had heard from his grandfather. It made me curious to know more about my family's past, so my research was a real eye opener for me. Now I understand why my father said to me in 2000, "you have come home"...

During my writings I have felt so much help and support from known and unknown sources. There were also many "coincidences". I even had dreams and visions which cleared or illuminated my path. And I met someone I had been searching for, for 5 years, in a very special way.

Researching Otto Rahn wasn't easy. We know only so much about this man. But there are some people who researched his life thoroughly and I had hoped to meet for example film maker Richard Stanley, who had made the documentary "The Secret Glory" about the life of Otto Rahn. However, I could not reach him.

Then, in March 2011, I met someone who knew a Freemason who could take me to one of Rahn's favourite caves. We made an appointment for lunch, where we would meet him. However, when we arrived in Montségur, my tour guide turned out to be none other than filmmaker Richard Stanley...

This is just one of the many "coincidences" I experienced. Another incredible event was about to happen when we went to Ornolac to spend a day with friends. Within the hour, members of the White Eagle Lodge (Polaires - who worked with Otto Rahn about 80 years ago), turned up unexpectedly, and we ended up spending the entire day climbing caves, quite literally, in Otto's footsteps...

I am thrilled that there are already so many people who have enjoyed the read and I hope that, now the book is available for all e-readers, many more will!

With love, Jeanne***

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