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Book Reviews: see my blog link for infoI'm retired due to health issues, i had cancer and ended up with left leg disappearing....i love life though so fill it with hobbies. there's my beloved Icelandic horse Muska, who lives at home though i rarely ride - falls on and off horse have damaged my bones and its simply too painful now - i love my garden and have what i call the "natural" look or sometimes i call it a "wildlife garden" - really all i mean is that weeds, slugs, snails,etc and i have an ongoing battle and so long as we call it a draw i'm happy! then there's books - i've always been a bookworm- mum used to say i'd read toilet paper if it was printed, i used to read the cereal packets while eating breakfast - if there was print i was drawn to it and as we had few books the librabry was very welcome to me. Now i've a kindle - i never ever thought it would replace my beloved books but its amazing - easy to hold - which helps my poor joints that are damaged and struggle with books - and text size easy to chage - great for eyes that need bigger print. then theres the fact that it has all your books in one eay place - finish one and flick through and onto the next. no struggling through dusty shelves and towering piles to find ones you want to read next. if i had the money i'd replace all my books with kinlde versions but i don't - so i make most of free offers and i review for authors who write books in the genre i favour. contemporary, erotic, fantasy and paranormal romance mostly though i'll stray from my comfort zone if the book sounds interesting.

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  • Blood, Sweat and Beer on July 13, 2014

    Peter's book in many ways mirrors my own childhood. His after school years experiences made me laugh – and very sad too...The bikes, Peter, did it have to take so many bad falls before you decided they weren't for you Peter's later years, when his art is his mainstay and the dogs Rule life brought back many memories.Now he's adding writer to that list of talents A book to savour, read in bits, reminsce with him, to pick up and read a few pages and then mull over that period in our own life.
  • With Every Breath on Aug. 16, 2014

    With Every Breath, M.S. Tell Review from jeannie zelos book reviews I’d been on a paranormal book reading bender, and thought it was time for a change so picked up this one to review. I like to swap genres, keeps the stories fresh for me. Anyway, this was a good long read, I love those as you can really get to know the characters. Sadly I didn’t really like what I learned about them...Brooke I really felt for at first, she was so in love, with all those plans for their fifth anniversary, and then to come home unexpectedly and find that!!! It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. Then she goes to stay with her sister Maci. I did not like her at all, she was avaricious for gossip, wanting all the dirty details and trying to persuade Brooke to go out with Alex even though she was married and still numb from Nick’s actions. I think she was too pushy with Brooke given she was in such a state and so upset. She kept pushing her towards Alex, then of course when Alex took to Brooke she seemed to do everything she could to foster a romance, regardless of whether that was best for Brooke. Brooke’s husband Nick seemed devoted to her afterwards, but we didn’t see much of him before, we did find out though that he’d made huge plans for their anniversary. It’s difficult to see who was telling the truth, him or Stephanie, but I think Stephanie was probably closer to what really happened. But then Brooke jumps (IMO) very quickly into flirting with Alex, and generally behaving in a way that's bound to lead him to expect more. I didn’t feel she was being fair to him, using him to blot out her feelings about Nick. That’s where I began to dislike her. She was not thinking about anyone but herself, and doing things like spending the day with Alex, visiting him at work, showering at his home, getting dried and dressed in front of him etc all seemed to make Alex convinced they had a possibility of something real. He’s a 3rd year med student, so really didn’t need that complication. He’s a nice kid, really open and friendly but when a gorgeous woman spends that amount of time with him, and does all that who can blame him for thinking she wants more...I really felt for him, he was the innocent caught up in other peoples plans. When Brooke does talk to Nick she finds up that she could have been wrong in what she thought happened, could have been, but then again she could have been right. Never the less as she’s fallen for Alex even though still in love with Nick, it seemed odd to me that she was taking the moral high ground. Somewhat hypocritical, especially given she never gave Nick a chance to explain but just rushed off. I can understand that in the heat of the moment, but after, if she’d just talked to him.... Maybe Nick just slid into a relationship while not intending to, just as she had with Alex. To be honest thigh I feel all that “we just fell in love unintentionally” is a cop out. People say it as an excuse all the while in real life,  “ we didn’t mean this to happen” they cry.Well, there’s a point where you make a choice, and in Brookes case it would be to keep Alex at arms length knowing she’s attracted to him and he to her. It’s a disaster in the making to do otherwise – and it proved so. Once its happened though – for both Nick initially and for Brooke later then its hard to know what to do. Someone is going to get hurt whatever happens. Nicks trying really hard to make amends, but even then I felt Brooke was wrong to keep sneaking texts to Alex, telling herself he was just a friend. If that was true why hide it? Anything that needs hiding is wrong...and that’s where Brooke and I parted ways. I just couldn’t work up sympathy for her...if she’d been anywhere but with Maci I think she would have sorted herself and her feelings out far easier and I’d have still liked her. But of course it would be a different book then!! Overall its a good read, good story, interesting and believable characters. Certainly gave me a lot to think about – what would I do? How would I react in those circumstances?  I did feel the first half was dragged out a bit, and I'd have liked to have known more about Nick at that time, how he was coping, rather than just the texts and 3rd party snippets we got. Less Brooke and Alex and a bit more Nick would have worked for me... Then the ending – the last 15% or so went by so quickly, there was such a lot happened and years had passed in just a few pages as opposed to the first half which spanned a few weeks...I felt there could have been more development of all of them here, I’d like to have known what was happening as that time passed. I’d have liked a different ending too – but that happens  I was on Team Javier in Karina Halle’s TAT novels but was happens. You can’t please everyone. Stars: Four, a good read, lost to ponder. ARC supplied via author