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Jean Oram was raised listening to vinyl in an old school house in the middle of the Canadian prairie. After trekking through six countries and teaching hundreds of people how to ski, she decided it was time to get a ‘real’ career and thus attended university. She wrote for the university's paper as an entertainment reporter where she enjoyed free movies and tickets to hot concerts and events (well, you know... for a small city).

After graduating with distinction and a sociology degree, Jean quickly realized she had aimed herself straight for the fast-paced city life, a desk, nine-to-five, and high heels. Fearful for her sanity as well as the health of her wide feet, she slipped on flats and hid away in a high school library converting teenagers into readers, and enjoying her all-new favorite past time—buying thousands of books with other people’s money. Within years, she began writing her own novels. Champagne and Lemon Drops being her first published novel.

When not writing, Jean likes to camp, hike, read, ski (both downhill and cross-country), and then... do some more writing. She also blogs with other great writers at as well as on her site and

She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, daughter, son, and like many other writers, two cats who fill her laptop fan with cat hair as well as a dog who always needs to go out, and two pet mice who are quite simply, cute.

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Smashwords book reviews by Jean Oram

  • Under The Cover of Wicca on March 14, 2012

    The detail and sensory info was great. The pace fantastic. Great characters. (Part 2--do read part 1 first.) Good editing too--I know that can be tricky to find on Smashwords. My only beef was that I wanted more. I can't bear to wait for book three. Also, I do wish one of the scenes at the end was shown rather than summed up. I so wanted to see what happened! Being Canadian, I also loved the Canadian details. I don't usually read urban fantasy but I loved this one. Darke--write the third part soon! I can't believe you left me hanging. Total cliffhanger. Agony! BTW, I won this one for free on Darke's blog!
  • Spring Fevers on April 27, 2012

    The short stories in this collection were solid 4s and 5s. I normally don't read short stories, but I picked this one up as quite a few of my friends are in it. And sure, that could taint my rating, but I don't think it has. Their skill and stories surprised me and some of them really stood out and won't soon be forgotten. I LOVED J. Lea Lopez's story about connecting with someone romantically. It reminded me a lot in the feel and tone to Jennifer Weiner's stories (one of my favourite authors). It made me wish there was a whole novel of this character so I could follow her longer. Matt Sinclair's story about cheating was an interesting one as I wasn't sure which character to believe until the end. I liked that. Cat Wood's story about love in an elderly couple made me cry. It's sweet to see people still so in love when they are in their 80s. (As you can tell, they felt real to me!) A.M. Supinger's story about the pit broke my heart. Just when I was about to skim she (the author) grabbed me about the throat and shook me to my core. I loooove a story like that. Horrified shock--but in a good way. Well, not 'good' for the characters... but you know. A good read. R.S. Mellette's story was intellectual and a bit philosophical about a boy coming of age. Intriguing. Mindy McGinnis' story had me guessing and doubting until the end. Do you believe a child protagonist? MarcyKate Connolly's story about meeting on a subway and making that connection with an unexpected stranger was sweet. I found myself wanting the character to get her wish. Robb Grindstaff's story made me laugh at the differences between men and women. He illustrates that point quite nicely. Yvonne Osbourne's story about a romance starting during the war felt very real and the situation that arises is something I've wondered about myself. I liked the way she portrayed it. S.Q. Eries story about married couples, betrayal, brothers, and friends wove a nice tight circle. The emotion built and waned in all the right places. The stories in this anthology run you through the whole gambit of emotions and cover all kinds of relationships. Strange as it may be to say, I learned about writing short stories by reading this anthology. Some of these stories felt like gratifying snippets from a larger story while others had a perfect arc in their few thousand words. Not an easy task to accomplish! A great read--and it's free on Smashwords! (And for those who prefer paper--I hear a paperback edition is coming out too.)
  • Of Covens and Packs on Sep. 08, 2012

    This is the third book in the series and I was hoping for a couple of things to happen. Instead all this crazy awesome stuff came from left field. So, things are totally heating up in the story and I can't wait for the next book. I totally didn't see some of this stuff coming--love that! And I can't wait for the next book because, as per usual, Darke Conteur has left me hanging and wanting more! Write faster, Darke! You're torturing me! (In a good way.) As I think I mentioned in the first review, I picked book one up as I know Darke online. I try to read books by the people I know even if they are in genres I don't normally read. Darke's book was a Hugely Pleasant Surprise. I LOVE her stories and the way she tells them. There are no lags and I always want more when I finish reading her books. Definitely give her books a try (and I'm not saying this because I know her a little bit). And again, Darke... write faster!! ;) No pressure.