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I am a mystic madman, a wandering wildman, scholar of esoterica, dilettante sadhu, dready-headed hippie (only have a few jata on the back of my head right now, though more be forming of this third set of knotted hair), gentle yogi, fierce foe of falsity. I was a preacher, but I renounced that. I was married, but she renounced me. I was a grad student at one of the top universities in the world on my way to becoming a professor, but I realized they taught lies there too. I am protector of souls, lover of mountains, smoker of herb, fond of hot springs, oceans and lakes and rivers and rain and sunshine, devotee of Devi.

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I suppose my favorite part of writing is living the extraordinary experiences that I share in the accounts I have recorded in my writings. Sharing tellings of the amazing experiences I have had, mostly on the road, and passing on those insights I have been thus granted about the nature of reality and life is among those fruits I most appreciate. Many people who experience "supernatural" occurrences and other anomalous happenings are at a loss as to how to interpret, and are often prone to feel isolated and unable to be honest about things they've seen which don't fit "official version" of reality.

My paternal grandfather once spotted a very large black cat crossing the road north of Ada, Oklahoma when hauling a load of scrap metal to Oklahoma City. He stopped the truck and shone a spotlight on the phantom cat, which he touted to be the size of a cougar or larger. After the big cat disappeared out of sight, he looked to his partner and said, "We didn't just see that." His partner replied with something like, "What do ya mean?! We sure as hell did see that cat!" To which Pop replied rather sternly, "We did NOT see that." Many people are indeed kept from admitting and honestly exploring experiences which they don't understand or ought not believe in according to "common sense" reality. I believe that in boldly telling of those unusual if not "supernatural" occurrences I've seen and heard told, and by offering intelligent and fairly learned insight on the subject I might encourage others to be bold enough to acknowledge and integrate the magic they've seen and the inexplicable they've experienced into their personal reality. I also much enjoy sharing exciting true tales from my life and travels for the interest and excitement those extraordinary experiences told do elicit in the reader (or listener, if by a live telling), not to mention the fulfillment proffered when the reader finds a general pleasure in the literary merit of those words I write.
What are you working on next?
After penning Memories and Musings of a Post-Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman I thought I was done with off-the-cuff journeys and misadventures. Apparently I was wrong. Upon departing my hometown Laramie, Wyoming to endeavor a short trip to Colorado for the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, I ended up traveling from coast to coast, and then living aboard a sailboat on the Hudson River for two years. Seemingly, someone/Someone wanted to offer me fodder for a sequel, as the absurd and so-called supernatural happenings experienced and lived on that most recent trip were abundant, if not so tastefully presented this experiencer. Though I am still processing the meanings and purport of that mostly misadventure, I have begun to write an account of that journey, which will be sequel to Memories and Musings of a Post-Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman.

I am also constantly gathering information for a project I have been envisioning which would attempt to tell in a historical fiction form some of so many secrets of history, ancient and modern, which I have discovered in my studies and wanderings and wonderings. Clues such as that Abraham, Sarah and Haggar of Judeo-Christian-Islamic lore are obviously if oddly etymologically connected to Brahma, Saraswati and Ghaggar (a tributary river to the Saraswati River) have led me to conclude that much of the official story is a façade, hiding true tales which often prove stranger than fiction and are sometimes far from the official version of "what happened." This work will certainly take years to fully research and write, and will almost as certainly prove controversial if not paradigm-shattering upon release to the public.
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Memories and Musings of a Post-Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 95,110. Language: English. Published: December 27, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Travel » Specialties & interests, Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Body, mind, & spirit
Disillusioned with the official religion and institution, artifice and constructs offered as "reality," author Jeffrey Charles Archer hit the road and discovered things are indeed not what they say. Shapeshifters, skinwalkers, sasquatch, fairies and other fantastic creatures and extraordinary experiences make up the true tellings of Memories and Musings of a Post-Postmodern Nomadic Mystic Madman.

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