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  • Bluewater on Jan. 01, 2012

    Jules Kincaid is a successful writer. His ‘Bluewater’ series of fantasy novels have made him wildly popular as a maker of modern myth. When a new powerful supercomputer answers the question: ‘Why do things happen as they do?’ by stating that ‘An infinite power is responsible’, many people take it as a sign from science itself, that the existence of God has been proven beyond all doubt. The primeval stories of the gods are given new life. Religious institutions experience a resurgence of interest in their doctrines and practice. Kincaid who has struggled with his beliefs remains skeptical as to the true implication of the computer’s answer. But when a plethora of ancient mythological gods began to actually materialize around the world and when Kincaid’s own fictional ‘Bluewater’ god, Rittle, son of Lluni shows up to greet him at the door of his apartment to tell him his other goddess Miral needs his help the exciting adventure begins. This novel by highly regarded Science Fiction/Fantasy writer and editor Shelby Vick is not only great entertainment, it is thought provoking entertainment. Beautifully written, it reminds me of both Samuel Delany’s, Nebula Award winning, ‘The Einstein Intersection’ and John Updike’s faith quest, ‘Roger’s Version’. ‘Bluewater’ is itself a superb modern fable and its story, style and success as a plot stand up with the best works of Delany and Updike. ‘Bluewater’ is a delight and a novel you will long remember. –Jef Powers