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Author and IT guy. James lives in Japan with his family. While never really putting down roots after joining the military many, many years ago, Japan is considered his home by virtual of it being the place he has lived the longest. He became hooked on science fiction, fantasy, spy thrillers and alternative history while in the US Navy. Sometimes to the point where his shipboard coffin locker had more books than clothes in it.

Currently writing fictional adventure stories in the "When Atlantis Fell" series, he plans to write in many other subject areas in the future.

Smashwords Interview

What are you working on next?
"Wall of Destruction" (WoD) is part of a series of books that I plan on writing in the "When Atlantis Fell" time frame. WoD is part one of a two part story about Risor and his experience during the downfall. There are plenty of sub-plots to WoD that I would like to develop and I plan on writing some of them first before getting to the second book about Risor.

The next book will be a novella about Rogat, Risor's friend in WoD. He is in the army and goes back to his unit after the "Last Night" chapter in WoD. In WoD, he helps set up some of the background of the war but in his book, he is the main character and the story is about his survival through the downfall.

My goal would be to write from five to seven novellas about other happenings during WoD's time frame and then write "To the Death" (part two of WoD). After "To the Death", I would like to do the same with the sub-plots during it's time frame. If the "When Atlantis Fell" universe proves popular, I will then write a third novel from the perspective of the enemy, the Rama Empire.

This will follow a character of the Rama Empire through both WoD and "To the Death". There will be sub-plot stories around Rama as well. I think mostly related to Heroes from the Greeks, Dolrinas and Hu as well as Rama.
Who are your favorite authors?
Like many I first started reading in school and fell in love with the Hobbit. While I read most of Tolkien before I left school, I really didn't start reading until I was in the US Navy. When I was stationed on ships I would read like a fiend. Hitting ports for liberty usually included at least a short time frame finding a book store to get some new books. I loved Sci-Fi, Fantasy and spy novels.

Authors like Robert Adams, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Isaac Asimov and Harry Turtledove were favorites then. More recently I enjoyed reading Graham Hancock and other alternative history proponents and Doug Dandridge.
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Wall of Destruction
Price: $3.08 USD. Words: 82,380. Language: American English. Published: October 5, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical, Fiction » Fairy tales
During the last ice age, a global war between the fabled empire of Atlantis and their arch-rival, the Rama Empire, is tearing the world apart. Wall of Destruction, first book of the “When Atlantis Fell” series, follows the life of one man in the final days of Atlantis and its downfall. A world forsaken by the Gods, where those dominated by Atlantis no longer fear the survivors.

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