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  • Stray : Touchstone Part 1 on Aug. 02, 2011

    This sucked me in and I read all night in spite of the early morning I had planned. Now I've bought the next one and am about to do it all over again. The diary format didn't distract me anywhere as much as I expected. I was immersed by about page 5. Non Australian readers may want to google some of the figures of speech, but overall it should be readable by all.
  • Caszandra : Touchstone Part 3 on Nov. 27, 2011

    My first laugh out loud moment was the "Om nom nom nom" line. You won't have to wait long, its quite early in. I've loved reading this series. I've never been able to figure out whats going to happen next, so every diary entry is a surprise. The Cassandra character is so appealing, I think, because the honest diary entries portray a real person with limits, flaws, self depreciating humour and a striving to be better than she is. Or thinks she is. While the style is very different, I think the last author whose characters drew me in this much was Lois McMaster Bujold. Awaiting the gratuitous freebie epilogue impatiently.