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  • How to Turn Your Struggling Reader into a Super Reader This Summer on July 09, 2011

    I have read your eBook. Awesome! Every parent and grandparent should have this book as mandatory reading. I chair the RotaryReads/SAReads literacy effort in San Antonio. 10% of third graders are not passing the basic sight reading test, not just in San Antonio but across Texas and unfortunately most of the nation. Think of the consequences to our future and the cost of the support of these children in the future. Our program is placing volunteer Reading Buddies in every second grade in every elementary school, scaling over a three year period. We use a program developed by San Antonio Youth Literacy which is simply reading with the child, a half hour per week, one on one. As I read "How To Turn Your Struggling Reader into a Super Reader This Summer", I was blown away by its simplicity. Very similar to what we are doing but with a plan and much better methodology on the "how to do it". I have struggled to find the system by which we teach children to read in the schools. If it were a McDonalds, there is a cookbook that allows a 15 year old in San Antonio to cook the burger exactly the same as the 15 year old in Seattle. There is a system to teach everything in the store. If reading is the lynchpin for everything in school: learning, math, science, etc., then it would be logical that there would be a simple system to teach every child to read as fast as humanly possible for each child. I have heard of "holistic" or is that "wholistic" approaches. I am told the method changes depending on when the teacher got out of school. There seems to be little if any emphasis on phonics. I am not throwing stones at the schools. Curriculum is not determined at that level it appears. I am a Reading Buddy. I have yet to find a principal or a teacher that is not totally enthused and wanting the absolute best for each child. Yet both of my "Buddies" looked at me in total lack of understanding when I asked them to "sound out" the word in our first sessions. They had heard the words but had no idea what that meant. They did not know that the words would talk to them if they would simply give them sounds. Yet on the third session, separate sessions by the way, both looked up at me with that look in the eyes that literally showed the light bulb coming on. Quickly they began sounding out five and six syllable words. They just did not have the practice and tools (what does tion say?) to do the work. This eBook gives the method and the tools. I hope you will also, maybe you have, do the "How To Teach A Child To Read As Fast As Possible" book. Unfortunately the truly at risk children don't have the parent or other person to do the summer reading. Yet we as a community can provide that support. Please order this book and give it to your parent children, your friends, and your children's teachers in school. James Montgomery PDG Rotary District 5840 http://sareads.org