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I am very much a family oriented person, however I do love to read romance works. Short works of erotic fiction on LIT to Paranormal Romance Novels and Series. I love the fantasy world it portrays and the ability to loose myself in another place.

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Smashwords book reviews by Jennifer Cothran

  • Scent of Fear on Oct. 07, 2013

    Fear makes people protect themselves and their hearts. Scent of Fear by JC Gordon takes you on that journey between Evie and Flynn. Evie is only 18 when she first meets Flynn and is frightened by how much he consumes her, so she flees. Only to find herself years later face to face with Flynn and even though her heart knows what it wants, its fear that keeps them gaurded. This journey of Evie and Flynn is brilliantly told and keeps you engaged and wanting. Wanting more of their enounters and thrill of the chase. And in true HEA fashion, your heart with swell and fall totally for these amazing characters! JC Gordon is a true gem and I eagerly await more of her works in the romance/paranormal romance genres.
  • Game Lost, Love Gained. on Oct. 07, 2013

    Romance, Rivalry, Lust, Enemys, and yes HEA!!
  • Gypsy Soul on March 22, 2014

    Gypsy and Jaxom take you on a wild and fantastic ride. Both with more to them than what other perceive its a beautifully written adventure of aircar races, trickery, and lust. Tinman is Gypsy's faithful companion and her knowledge in nanobots proves to be great fun with her antics against The Dragon aka Jaxom. This is a must read for any JC Gordon fan!!
  • Gypsy Soul on July 02, 2014

    Gypsy and Jaxom take you on a wild and fantastic ride! More alike than they care to admit, and more than what they are perceived to be. Gypsy with her knowledge in nanobots and Jaxom with his mystery, have an incredible rivalry and desire to best the other. With an almost other world feel, this story is written with such precision that you can let your imigination run wild with the details. Every page turned made me want to turn another and another, I was sucked in and fell in love with this book. Even an android, Tinman who is Gypsy's faithful companion, proves to be great fun with her and their antics against The Dragon aka Jaxom. Who knows what will happen when the races begin! This is a beautifully written adventure of aircar races, trickery, and lust. And a must read for any romance/adventure fan!!
  • Art of Seduction on July 02, 2014

    Perfect follow up to Scent of Fear! JC Gordon aka Jaz Cullen makes magical places for us to fall in love with the characters and give a sense of watching a movie verses reading a book!! Brava to her and look forward to reading any and everything she publishes! Kieran and Grace's story is flirty and full of mischief that will have you flipping pages to see what happens next. Being the older brother of Fynn, Kieran started off well enough with Grace, however being she is Evie's best friend let her see a side of Kieran she didn't like. With putting it on the line, will Kieran win Grace? You will just have to read to find out!! (Trust me, this series is not to be missed!!)