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Jen Frankel is the author of the “Blood and Magic” series about young heroine Maggie Stuart. The first two books in the series, The Last Rite and The Red Ring, deal with Maggie at ages 13 and 16 respectively. The third (and penultimate), Heaven and Hell, will feature Maggie at age 23, living in Montreal and still struggling with her powers. It's being published serially, with the first two installments available now in print.

Jen is also an avid screenwriter and an award-winning poet, as well as a great lover of fish, birds, cats, and all other living creatures. She even has a soft spot for human beings, provided they behave at least as well as their pets.

She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but you can count on her showing up all over North America (wherever there are comic book conventions) and online at

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Making something up that never existed before. Tolstoy said something about how artists are those who get up in the morning believing something exists, but when they tell people about it, everyone looks at them like they're nuts. So they set about to make that thing so concrete that no one can ever doubt its existence again. THAT'S what I love about writing.
What do your fans mean to you?
When I write a book, edit it, hone it, publish it... well, I've only done half of the work. The other half happens when someone reads it. So fans mean everything: they're the ones who complete my writing. Without them, the story is never finished.
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Jen Frankel Does... Writing
On the way to a comic book convention I was appearing at in Ottawa, I got talking to my voice memo function on the ever-useful cellphone... This is one way I work out the knottier problems in my writing, in this case for the new BLOOD & MAGIC novel, Heaven & Hell. Everyone has their techniques for getting the creative juices flowing: this is one of mine!

Undead Redhead: "Viral Video"
In my novel UNDEAD REDHEAD, soon-to-be Vegan zombie Sharon Backovic is involved in a wedding bouquet toss that gets violent, and deadly, and then goes viral! Here's the video itself... note the adorable puppy.


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