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  • Highland Song on April 12, 2013

    When Gavin Mac Brodie encounters a bit of magic, he begins to wonder about the decisions he's made for his future. As he's building his place to live alone, away from his newly married siblings, a painted naked woman appears before him out of nowhere, and he's besotted. Catriona lets the Scot believe her to be a magical creature because in truth, she is hiding. However long he lets her stay, she knows soon they will come for her. As Gavin and Catriona give their hearts to each other, how long will they have before all is revealed? This short novella is a full fledged romance that is certain to please. The romance is forefront from the first meeting, and Crosby manages to weave just enough uncertainty to bring about a satisfying conclusion. I highly enjoyed this quick little journey in the Highlands! Jennifer Jones