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Jennifer Allis Provost is a native New Englander who lives in a sprawling colonial along with her beautiful and precocious twins, a dog, two birds, three cats, and a wonderful husband who never forgets to buy ice cream. As a child, she read anything and everything she could get her hands on, including a set of encyclopedias, but fantasy was always her favorite. She spends her days drinking vast amounts of coffee, arguing with her computer, and avoiding any and all domestic behavior.

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  • Tracking Shadows, Shadows of Justice book 4 on July 31, 2011
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    Tracking Shadows starts off like a smack in the face - a woman's gone splat on the sidewalk, a personal attack against a big time Chicago gangster. Add in a deadly assassin who creates illusions at will, and a setting in futuristic Chicago that's reminiscent of Prohibition, and the words fly off the page. Interestingly, the contraband the smuggler, Slick Micky, deals with are the common vices we take for granted: sugar, caffeine, cigarettes. He runs them through a stable of girls (his mules), but he's not the cold-hearted gangster one would expect. He takes good care of his girls; well, until one gets pushed out of a window. Trina is the deadly assassin, hell-bent on catching Micky for reasons of her own: he killed her childhood sweetheart. Trina manages to track one of Micy's mules and gets an invite back to their lair, and that's when things really get interesting. Tracking Shadows is a great read. The action zips by at an incredibly fast pace, and the characters have believable reactions. I have to admit I was a bit lost in the first chapter, but I blame that on my not having read any of the author's other works set in the same world. Bottom line: 2096 Chicago is no place I want to be, but Tracking Shadows is a helluva ride.