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Jennifer Jean Miller has held a love of writing her entire life, and kicked off her professional career in 2006. She began her tenure with local news publications in 2008 and has worked as a journalist, photojournalist, columnist, marketing consultant and editor within the industry. She was a freelance reporter and photographer for Straus News, The, and LH! Weekly. She spent a segment of her career, as a local editor and reporter for in Sussex County New Jersey before she branched out on her own with her local news site and Hollywood entertainment site InsideScene.LA. Along with these publications, she launched her media, public relations, and publishing company J.J. Avenue Productions in 2013.
Jennifer has garnered award nominations, for her business achievements through the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce and its Economic Development Partnership. She additionally received a nomination for her photography while at Straus News. Jennifer received the Media and Entertainment Award from the New Jersey Governor's Council on Mental Health Stigma in 2010 for her sensitivity in reporting on mental health subjects.
Jennifer has been an admirer of Marilyn Monroe's since childhood and hopes to share more of her knowledge about the star with the public, as well as her collection. She owns a collection of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio items and photos -- some unpublished -- and some are now featured in this book. Several items from her collection are also highlights of "Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio - Love In Japan, Korea & Beyond." Her collection has been on exhibit with the Ted Stampfer Marilyn Monroe Collection and she has assisted Mr. Stampfer with writing and translation aspects of several of his exhibition catalogs.
Jennifer is the personal press representative for the "Marilyn Monroe Family" website and Facebook Page, representing the descendants of Marilyn's great-uncle, William Marion Hogan.
"Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio - Love In Japan, Korea & Beyond" is her first book. She is also currently working on a local Sussex County history book and has several others about historical figures and events in the works.
Her book is the first in a series endorsed by "Marilyn Monroe Family" at Stay tuned for one of the next upcoming book releases in the series, "Surgeon Story."

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I have spent my lifetime writing, before I became a professional writer.

One of my most cherished items is an autograph book from my childhood, which I still keep close to me where I work, as well as close to my heart. One of the entries was from my sixth grade Language Arts teacher, Mr. Boeren. It was his entry, and the one from my music teacher Mrs. Blakeney, that really gave me the confidence in my abilities in the arts.

Unfortunately for a while, I diverted from this path, because of family influences who told me that pursuing the arts was not lucrative. These family members instilled in me that I must have a "practical" job, and I was totally miserable (though I don't regret the experiences I've gained...I think they've helped me overall to lead to my path). Eventually, I found my way back in my mid-thirties to my own hopes and dreams, after I had become a parent and I wanted to show my children that it is important to never give up on your aspirations.

Professional writing as an idea came through a prayer when I sought answers from my God above. I submitted my first professional writing sample to a company that published biographies about famous and everyday people. I wrote a tribute story about my grandmother, Jean Miller and was told that my writing abilities made up for my lack of published works, and that I was accepted. I was thrilled with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks at the news.

From there, I became a contributor to various publications and websites, as well as a blogger. Eventually, that transitioned to work in local news, in which I became an award-winning reporter for one of the three news agencies that I freelanced for, as well as an award-nominated of my other passions. That led to running a branch of a news site as a licensee for one of the news agencies, and eventually starting my own.

I now run the site, ( for local news and also my news and entertainment site, InsideScene.LA. I also run my own public relations company, J.J. Avenue Productions, which produced my book, "Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio - Love In Japan, Korea & Beyond."

I am also contracted by a publisher to write a local history book that I am working on now, and have some more exciting book projects to come. Stay tuned!

And it all began with a few kind words: "Jennifer, Your voice, writing, and personality all have something in common. They are all beautiful. I'll miss you. Love, Mr. Boeren."

Always affirm others and lift them never know what kind of blessings you'll be bestowing once you do.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Sometimes I forget when I write that after I hit the "send" button, what I write is going to impact someone somewhere. I have written in the thousands in terms of articles and definitely in the millions in terms of words. There are people who have been moved by my writing somehow and somewhere, and nothing gives me greater joy than to know that I've helped someone with something I've written.

Receiving the Media and Entertainment Ambassador Award from the New Jersey Governor's Council on Mental Health Stigma was because of the impact my articles had on the lives of was an honor to receive this and I was the only recipient in the news field to receive an award that year. Based on review of prior and subsequent awards, I may be the only reporter to date who has been bestowed one of these honors.

I am a research aficionado...putting the pieces of a story together, whether it is a local news story or something as grand as a book, gives me great personal satisfaction too.
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Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio - Love In Japan, Korea & Beyond - A Book By Jennifer Jean Miller
A new book by Jennifer Jean Miller, "Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio - Love In Japan, Korea & Beyond," recounts the journeys of these two extraordinary stars. The book follows their life paths and each of their careers, including the days before they met one another. The book highlights their nine month marriage and offers a plethora of photos, including some never-before-seen pictures from their trip to Japan and her trip to Korea.


Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio - Love In Japan, Korea & Beyond
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 121,500. Language: English. Published: February 15, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Celebrity biography
The story of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio is a timeless tale -- two legends with extraordinary careers in their individual fields and remarkable existences. This book chronicles each of their lives from the days before they met, until their paths finally crossed, their nine month marriage, the love after their marriage, and the love he held for her beyond her life and until the end of his.

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