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A doting wife and a lovable mother of three kids, Jennifer Nichols is a young writing enthusiast who initially started writing for her own kids. She later took to writing kid children's book for the masses. Her first eBook on animals "When Animals Meet" for children is sure to be a big hit. Through her innovative, yet simple style, she is sure to win the hearts of the children.

Born and bought up in Arizona, she entered motherhood at a young age. Being the only daughter of her parents she was showered with lots of love and affection during her childhood. Her parents always made sure she got the best of everything. Perhaps that made her the best mother, as her kids now claim. Jennifer Nichols makes sure she gives her kids the best education and the best life. She has a supportive husband who encourages and motivates her and this has enabled her to cross all boundaries and be able to reach out to her audience.

Her experience with her own children pushed her to discover some easy learning techniques for kindergarten kids. She discovered that kids learn rhymes at a much quicker pace and they enjoy mugging it too. This triggered her thoughts and she developed the idea of infusing rhymes to make learning faster and more enjoyable. Her amalgamation of the rhyming techniques in children's books is indeed an innovative feature and is sure to go a long way.

Her writing style is simple and she avoids the use of large or hard words. Kids can learn easily and enjoy their learning experience with her book. Her first book on animals is an ideal book for all growing kids. And of course, even the parents will enjoy watching their kids play around the room reciting animal rhymes. Learning coupled with fun is what the book "When Animals Meet" is all about.

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