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  • Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight on Oct. 03, 2012

    Magic returns to the Young Adult reader I was privileged enough to receive Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight as a free promotional gift from the author in exchange for an honest review. Light & Dark begins with a young boy by the name of Danny who soon meets a high school crush by the name of Sabrina. However, Sabrina is not what she seems as Danny discovers, not only a power within himself, but also that Sabrina is actually a half-dragon of an ancient race called the Dragonic, or what we humans call dragons. Sabrina explains an ancient struggle with an evil foe called Shadows. Whisked off to a magical island, Danny, Sabrina, and their friends are taught the techniques of blade work and compete in mock battles with swords and armor. Perhaps the most fascinating prospect about this book was the use of a kind of magical weapon called a Bonded. I will not spoil the surprise of where these magical blades come from, yet, the premise of their creation is one of the most unique and imaginative ideas I have read in a while. According to the author, this novel has been edited for mistakes that were pointed out by other reviewers. I personally am a stickler for mistakes, yet, I could not find one grammatical error in the book. This could of course be due to the fact that I received my review copy after the said mistakes were reportedly corrected. In any case, Mr. Fife has created a magical world full of adventure, action, romance, coming of age drama, realistic and likeable characters, and beautifully described scenes - really just about anything one could ask for. I would highly recommend this book to middle grade, young adult, and any age group beyond.