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I'm a screenwriter and a musician. I was born in Africa, where I still live. I grew up believing that all the wild animals would be there forever. It's hard for me to understand the mentality behind anybody who kills wild animals for pleasure. I don't think any of us should try to understand it. I think we should put a stop to the killing. And let's be clear here. Slaughter isn't conservation.

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  • The Lure Of Annabelle Key Lighthouse on April 03, 2012

    James Campbell has grown up with a self-obsessed mother who has always criticized him and run him down, telling him he’s no good and will amount to nothing. He has an old photo of his father, so he knows they look alike. But he can’t remember much about him, except that he was strong. Strength is important to James. And he isn’t worthless. He’s got everything going for him. He knows how to hold a job down, and he’s strong and healthy. He’s also pretty good-looking and kind-hearted, and his passion is golf. He’s good at it, too. He dreams of running away and making something of his life. He just can’t bear his mother’s cruelty and unfair accusations any more. He can’t figure out why she hates him and is so mean to him, and some part of him worries that somehow it’s his fault. One day she pushes him too far and he leaves with a backpack, a lot of dreams and not much else. Determined never to come back to a place where he is so unwelcome. Running away turns out to be the adventure of his life. James doesn’t have much of a plan, but he knows he can earn money and survive, and he’s sure his dreams can somehow come true. Then cute, sassy and independent-minded Nicole Trump with problems of her own comes into his life, and turns his world upside down. He does the same for her, though! These two passionate teens, both intent on making the most of their lives, open each other’s eyes and hearts. Together they face challenges they could never have faced alone. They help each other solve problems that have seemed unsolvable, so they can be at peace with everything that has happened in their lives so far. And so that they can move towards making their dreams come true. The Lure of Annabelle Key LighthouseBy Francine Larson is an exciting read, and a heartwarming one. You will fall in love with Nicole and James, be scared for them when they make mistakes, feel for them when they hurt. You’ll adore their adventurous spirit, and you’ll shout out “Yesss!” when you get to the ending. This amazing book about two teens dealing with the hardest challenges and being able to triumph; having the most exciting adventures, and - of course! - falling in love, is a must-read.