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Smashwords book reviews by jenny3008

  • The Wizard's Journal: Blood Moon - Book 1 on Aug. 07, 2014

    The story begins with a archeologist who discovers an artifact in the Egyptian desert. Soon after the discovery, this academic bookworm learns he is a wizard tasked with protecting mankind from werewolves and witches. Known as Daniel to friends and Azul to his ancient family, the wizard chips away at the never ending war against creatures bent on destroying mankind. What I liked best about the novel was how the author brought forth a modern day story with interesting characters, and with a sense of humor. First, a being that exists in a non-corporeal state puts on a magic show for Azul at a Las Vegas hotel, then visits his room to divulge the long history he and the wizard have shared. Of course Azul believes that he is hallucinating and chalks it up to lack of sleep or some sort of brain disorder. The next day Azul's sister kidnaps the unsuspecting wizard using a Las Vegas cab to transport him to a planet that revolves around our sun opposite and unseen from Earth. Sounds silly at first, but the planet Keob is where Azul and others like him find their sanctuary. It is also where a much older (millions of years) version of Azul can be found in a library existing between the Earth plane and a time that has long past. Another character named Thyzil is large warrior who wields an equally large sword as though it was a toothpick all the while infatuated with his strength and good looks. After enlisting a hybrid wolf-human pack, who happen to also be popular punk rockers in Manhattan, Azul, his sister Alura, and Thyzil battle lawyer wolves in an underground arena to save hostages. The final kill or be killed battle occurs in a cavern, much like a miniature Roman Coliseum, where Azul and his companions battle an alien shape-shifting god who escaped them 25,000 years ago. There is plenty of action in these battle scenes, but they do not overtake the character development and relationships, which I really liked. I think perhaps a little bit more forward momentum would have been better. The book is almost 400 pages and about 40 or so pages are dedicated to setting the stage. I did peek ahead a little to see where the story was going, but also understand such a story needs the first several chapters dedicated to establishing the plot. If you like the fantasy genre with a little science fiction, then you will enjoy this book. I found it a refreshing change of pace from the over crowded monster novels. Looking forward to the sequel (reviewed within a week of purchase)