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Lover of the St. Louis Cardinals and all things summer. I am addicted to Facebook and fountain soda. My Kindle Fire HD never leaves my side.

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  • The Frankincense Trail on July 17, 2011
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    I was privileged enough to have helped this author out by reading the first couple of chapters for her so I was really excited to read this when it was released. I have Jody's other books on my to-read list but this was the first one I've read to far. Set in 200 B.C. Middle East this was different from anything I have read, ever. You can tell much research went into this book and the descriptions were so colorful I could see everything play out in my mind as I read. A few extras in this book, like a map of the trail, glossary of words, and a well written afterwards were just an added bonus. I highly recommend this book! This is a story about a teenage princess, still dealing with the grief of the death of her mother, recovering from a illness that had swept through the town she lives in, feeling like she has not seen anything in her young life, and a desire for adventure. Not the oldest child and not the youngest, she feel stuck in a lavish life being in the middle, knowing soon she will be married off.All she wants is be heard and help get her father's kingdom thriving again. When no one will listen to her or her ideas and seeing a small caravan of traders stop in her town she decides her wanted adventure time is now. With the help of her best friend/servant she disguises herself as a boy, as the traders will not take a young unmarried woman with them, no less a princess! Alia gets more than she bargains for as the desert and it's harsh elements show her trust, friendship, life and death. As she starts to find herself and her purpose in life, she realizes she has a lot to learn, as life outside of the palace walls is not always fair. She wears her heart on her sleeve and stands up for what she believes is right, although the caravan leaders are not so sympathetic to anyone. I would LOVE to see a sequel to this book! *wink wink*
  • Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave on Sep. 04, 2011

    Heart wrenching and well written, Sibel Hodge's novella is a eye opener to a hush hush problem plaguing our world. My heart was breaking for Elena, and also for her mother and daughter. Kidnapped and then sold into the sex trade business was not the life Elena had wanted for herself but she knew she had to be strong for her mother and daughter, who had no idea this had happened to her. With the threat that these "monsters" would kill her family is she didn't do as she was told, Elena must succumb to being raped and beaten. Dreams of her daughter seem to be the only thing getting her past each day and night. Day by day Elena keeps hoping that this nightmare will end and she can hold her daughter in her arms again until a recently widowed client only looking for someone to hold becomes Elena's savior and rescuer. Although this novella is fiction, it is happening right now somewhere. Quite frankly, as the step-mother to three girls, it scares the crap out of me. What is more frightening is the fact that some of the brothel's clients, men in 'power' positions, turn a blind eye to what is happening. A wonderfully written short story that will grip your heart and make you hug your daughter's just a little tighter.
  • Bone Dressing on Sep. 07, 2011

    First off, I absolutly loved the character Syd. I loved her snarky, sarcastic, tough-girl attitude. A few times I thought 'Oh wow, she sounds like me!" I felt bad for her in that she lost her parents at a young age and feels like she doesn't really belong, especially since she is still a teenager and is trying to find herself. No one seems to understand her, including her teachers, her foster parents, and most of the other students in her school, except for her longtime BF Patricia. Trouble seems to find Syd where ever she goes. Having never let herself really mourn the loss of her parents, she finds comfort in the local cemetery where they are buried. There she unexpectantly meets Beau, Sarah, and TJ, who will spin her life even more out of control and add more confusion to her already crazy life. There seems to be so much going on in this story, a couple times I had a bit of trouble keeping track of where Syd was, or should I say who Syd was. There also seemed to be a lot of detail about what Syd was thinking. I would of loved more dialog between the characters. As I read further into the story, I was completely caught off guard with the story line. It is so much more than the book description. I really, really, really like this story line and the plot. I feel that there is a great potential with the next six books. I am hoping more information comes out about certain characters, including Beau, Sarah, and especially TJ, as I have a lot of unanswered questions and how they all fit into Syd and her past lives. Overall, I am anxious to read book two and would definitely recommend this read!
  • White Witch Pond on Sep. 10, 2011

    I was hoping with a title like White Witch Pond, there would be enough creepy factor for this 33 year old horror lover to really enjoy this story. Not that I was doubting it would be enjoyable, because Jody is an amazing writer, just that it would at least give me a few chills being as it is a YA book. I was not disappointed! Right from the first chapter, reading in the almost dark living room, the hair on my arms stood up a little. Short and easy to read this is a perfect read for a dark, stormy night. I loved Shaya's character.I liked her confidence for being so young (I think she is around 12) and she seemed so grown up with her thoughts and actions. I felt bad for her though because it seemed like her mother did not understand her at all and was constantly putting her off and would never listen to anything she had to say. Determined to get to the bottom of the bracelet mystery and what is making her brother Dev sick, Shaya never backs down from the challenge and every step closer she gets, the more she needs to know. With just enough creep factor to keep you from looking out the window in the dark, White Witch Pond will keep you reading until you reach the perfect ending!
  • The Kindred Curse Anthology on Nov. 13, 2011

    There is a whole lota (is lota a word? if it wasn't it is now!) story packed into less than 75 pages in this first short story of the Kindred Curse Anthology. I loved it, plain and simple. The story never lets up from the first chapter to the very last page. Isabelle and her mother are on the run. From vampires. After loosing her twin sister Gabriella who was in love with a vampire and her father to suicide, they don't stay in any place too long. Something is in Isabella's blood that makes her irresistible to the vampires. After arriving in Chattanooga, TN Isabella has a run in with four young vampires and her life is on the line, literally. After being rescued by Xavier, an elder vampire, her whole world will be turned upside down whether she likes it or not. They are both drawn to each other and Xavier will stop at nothing to loose her, even offering her her every wish. The one thing that Isabella wants more than anything is her sister Gabriella back. But can he give her the very thing that she desires? Gleaming White is so well written that you will feel like you have read a whole novel by the time you reach the end. The ending was outstanding and left me hungering for more.