Jere Myles


Jere Myles [pronounced ‘Mills’] has always been a writer. Product of a broken home, his mom left his dad not knowing she was pregnant with Jere. Raised in Tennessee and a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Jere has always loved books, and his love for books left him with a desire to write his own. Born in the year of the tiger, he’s a Libra, a parachutist, avid chess player whose favorite color is green. He’s written poetry, a play, and several scripts for reader’s theater. He’d say he was born to be a teacher, and he interweaves instruction throughout his novels.

His first novel, which was initially entitled ‘Lady Sang her Songs,’ was written in four weeks on yellow legal paper. Nurtured along the way, with encouragement from people like Katharine Hepburn, whom he met in Chicago, he’s never wavered on refining the story. Upon meeting Hepburn after one of her performances of ’West Side Waltz,’ he gave her a copy of the novella he’d typed himself. One of the truly great moments in his life was getting a letter from Ms. Hepburn where she indicated, she’d read the script and felt there was “nice use of language;’ it was “interesting and provocative.” Another enthusiast was Jo Forsberg from Player’s Workshop of Second City. People like these allowed him to keep this project near and dear to him. Over the years and several rewrites and at the recommendation of a publisher he’d met on a plane from Indianapolis, his book has surfaced as a trilogy. The first book appeared two years ago as ‘Murder on the Pier,’ and the sequel is out this winter, called ‘Murder Behind Closed Doors.’ A theater major who later had a stint in the Army, Jere enjoyed doing improv at Player’s Workshop of Second City with Dan Castellaneta under the direction of Jo Forsberg. Set in the 90s, Myles’ trilogy focuses on a myriad of issues that involve freedom, fighting for the underdog, gay rights. It’s a love story with a subtext so brutal and real that it’s as though it was taken from the front page of the Chicago Tribune. Easily read in one evening…it will be a topic of conversation for some time.


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