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The Jersey Devil is a creature of legend, lurking in the shadows of the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey, revealing itself only to wreak havoc on some small town, snack on some poor, unsuspecting chicken or goat, and, occasionally, if it’s feeling a little randy, to hit on mermaids down the Jersey shore.

Jersey Devil Press, on the other hand, is a small independent publisher, once nestled in the upper right ventricle of northern New Jersey, then briefly wandering amongst the swirling sands and ever-present rattlesnakes of New Mexico, and now championed from the earthly paradise that is central New Jersey, revealing itself only to release a monthly online magazine of short fiction, publish the occasional novel or story collection, and, sometimes, if it’s feeling a little frisky, to write gratuitous run-on sentences and publicly decry the downfall of humanity that is Jersey Shore.

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