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Smashwords book reviews by jesbartlow

  • Breaking the Cycle of Slavery to Sin on July 20, 2017

    The title of this book says it all. Sit with the words of this title. Say them slowly. Repeat them. This book is all about "BREAKING the CYCLE of slavery to sin" As Romans 7:15 points out, in our inner being we want to delight in God's law but we are often a prisoner to the sin that works in us. We get stuck in patterns of doing things we don't want to do, even doing things we hate. We even know better & want to change & still we repeat old habits and actions which destroy our lives & the lives of those around us. The best parts of this book for me were at the end of chapters 6 & 7. The author took me step by step through what to do in order to break free from the specific cycle of sin I had in my life. There was also specifically laid out 'steps in prayer' that walked me though 'cleansing from past hurts'. These two sections of the book were like a workbook in a way. I took the time immediately after reading them & processed through my issues in prayer. I'm so thankful for this book. What God has shown me through it & delivered me from...I am truly free in Him.
  • Seeking God for Daily Living and Destiny on Aug. 03, 2017

    After reading this book I'm more motivated to meet with God EVERYday, not just most days in the week. Who else knows every answer to life's questions than the one who created life!? This book is very deep. It's not a light read but a comprehensive look at how to seek God. 'Seeking God...' covers many necessary topics for growth such as being made in God's image, to the characteristics of a mature Christian, to spiritual gifts and daily waging of war spiritually. I enjoyed it because it helped me to think for myself by asking who, what, where, why & how questions. This book makes clear deeper concepts in scripture that are all backed up with Biblical references. Some of these deeper concepts include; Becoming a Friend of God-with examples of how God is the best kind of friend; patient & kind, slow to anger, forgiving, someone to be trusted. Also, understanding Waging War-God has given us all the armor we need to be successful in the greatest battle of our daily lives, which isn't a physical but spiritual battle. The author uses personal examples & stories from his own life that let me know he'd experienced what he was writing/passing on. I've enjoyed reading this book slowly (like an extended devotional) which allowed me to really work on one step of connection with God at a time making it a habit to seek Him not only for my day to day living but also for my extended destiny & the purpose He has for me.