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Skypirate Productions was founded 2011. It is slowly building its family of authors. We are always looking for new writers to add to it. If you're interested, please check out our website at:

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Smashwords book reviews by Skypirate Productions

  • Heaven Is For Heroes on Nov. 13, 2011

    PJ Sharon has captured the angst of the teenage heart between adulthood and childhood while dealing with the issues of death. Sharon's characters are original and very true to their nature. This book could easily happen in real life. She has done an excellent job at creating her world. The way Sharon handles the issues that surround a death that leaves questions in the mind is perfect and spot on. This is a great book and should be read by anyone that has had to deal the uncertainties of the teenage heart or dealing with death as a teen. Excellent job, Sharon!
  • Underdead on Nov. 23, 2011

    Liz Jasper really takes the modern vampire and spins it on its head with this book. Her story is unique, original, and a great read. The characters are real, and could easily be people that you are neighbors with. I love the fact that Jo is a science teacher and who wouldn't want a Gavin in their life? It was an excellent paced book. I highly recommend it. I cannot wait to read the next one. I hope that she continues to write more with Jo and Gavin in the future!
  • Clouds Across the Sun on July 07, 2013

    I had the honor of reading Ellen's other book, So It Was Written, and I fell in love with both her writing style and her ability to tell powerful stories with a lot of truth to them. This is a woman that does her research to make sure that her books are accurate. But it isn't just her attention to detail, but the amount of details and description she puts into the stories. Clouds Across the Sun is just as awesome as So It Was Written. I fell in love with Jo. But it wasn't only her character, each character as they were introduced gave me an invested interest, even the ones that I disliked. Ellen knows how to use a character arc effectively. As the characters change and grow, the reader gets to see that change and development. I really loved the underlying connections in this one too. It was such an amazing book. Ellen is a wonderful writer and I hope she releases some new books soon! I recommend this book for those that like pieces that take a look at the past and put a new spin on what history has shown us.
  • The Gatekeeper's Sons on Aug. 05, 2013

    I'd like to start by saying that I love this book and if Eva needs anyone to review her other books I'd happily volunteer! That being said, let me start with the bad stuff- I don't like the voice for the audiobook. I feel like it subtracts from the awesome story, and it sounds kinda computer generated. Like it has the tinny quality that comes from being a CG voice. I wish that Eva would've picked someone that really gave life to Therese! Maybe a younger sounding voice. I'm not quite sure. It just didn't match the story. I know that it probably sucks to hear that, and that Eva probably listened to bunches of narrators before she decided on Debbie (I think that was her name), but it was the only real miss for me... well, that and that I wanted the next book as soon as I finished the first! As for the story, it is freaking AWESOME! I used to love mythology, it was one of those things you learn about in Six Grade and it stuck with me, unlike so many of my classmates. I found that Eva did a wonderful job of bringing each of the Gods and Goddesses to life in a new and fantastic sort of way. I fell in love with Than and his brother, I swear I've met that brother combo before in real life- which makes it even better because it's believable. I really felt for him as he went through what was going on (see my attempt not to give anything away!). Therese is a real kind of girl. She also is a strong character, which I love. It great how Eva was able to to make this girl into someone that the reader could see themselves in or being friends with. Maybe she has some personality traits that we find familiar or just her situation to an extent. Whatever it is for the reader, it makes her someone we can really connect with. I love that Therese is also a bleeding heart. I can totally relate. Eva does an amazing job bringing the world she's created to life. Her characters are well developed and amazing, the story itself doesn't have giant gaping holes of inconsistencies for you to fall into never to return from. It is a freaking awesome read. I highly recommend it!