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"Instead of focusing on the world's problems, give your attention and energy to trust, love, education, and peace; Do what you LOVE!" -My mother

I love reading!!! I frequent this site as much as possible, and decided to recently become a member so I can start leaving my critiques. Kind of bummed my first one started off so negative, but most the stories I have read so far grab my attention and leave me at the computer for hours. :)


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Smashwords book reviews by Jessica Thomas

  • Thief on Nov. 14, 2011

    This has been one of the most difficult stories to read on here as of yet. I hope your other works are better and you actually put a little more effort into them. The story was very bland and hard to follow. This was also some of the cheesiest dialogue I've come across, especially for someone that's suppose to be a disgruntled FBI agent. One of the easiest things you can do to show you care about your work is to spell check/proofread it. Every single page had errors on it, usually more than one per page, and you even had some check it over afterwards? Sorry for the rant, but it really gets me when "writers" can't even do something that simple for their audience.