Jeff writes under the name Bossman and he writes from experience. For 20 years he worked for some of the biggest names in the investment world. During that time he worked as an institutional investment adviser for Merrill Lynch and Citibank and then as a retail wealth adviser for CSFB. Those years of watching how the wealthy invest and how financial institutions trade gave him a strong insight into what works in the investment world and what doesn’t. His working experience included the great meltdown of 1987 and how investors survived that situation. From this frightening event he developed strong capital management tools around how an investor should look at the stock market. He says that these fundamental investment controls allowed him to invest through the great booms and subsequent market meltdowns of the Dotcom bust in 2001 and the Subprime recession in 2007. A long term investor operating in the stock market without these types of risk management controls is taking massive portfolio risk. Lastly he states that as long as there are free and open stock markets on the planet, these risk management tools will warn investors of coming downturns, as future economic booms give way to inevitable stock market downturns.

Bossman also has a strong personal mandate to empower others to take full control and responsibility over their own investments. The idea for creating some published information came when he was approached by a group of enthusiastic university finance graduates. They wanted to know how to make money in the stock market and had no idea about where to start. Creating Real Wealth and subsequent financial courses and associated material are all a result of those first questions. Those same students coined the nickname Bossman, which seems to have stuck.

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