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  • Tattoos, Barracuda Teeth, & a Lady Who Talked to Worms on Dec. 13, 2013

    Let’s face it—kids don’t have a lot of control over their lives, and that can make adolescence particularly painful. It’s a time of life when a growing self-awareness accentuates that lack of control, making it especially frustrating. Danny—the narrator of Tom Dunham’s novel—makes his transition to personhood during the week he spends with his grandparents. He learns new skills, overcomes his fears, and emerges on the other side if not older, a whole lot wiser. In this timely and timeless coming-of-age story, Danny discovers things about the world and his place in it that will serve him throughout his life. Sensitively told from Danny’s point of view, Tattoos will be enjoyed by both adolescents and adults. Dunham’s line drawings, scattered throughout the book, add a surprisingly charming element to the narrative.