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  • Shrilugh: Book One of the Shrilugh Saga on Aug. 26, 2012

    As an avid reader, I have a short list of authors whom I can always depend on to write a captivating tale, allowing me an escape from everyday life. After reading Book One of the Shrilugh series, I am convinced that Myndi Shafer deserves a spot on my short list. Shrilugh is a terrific story filled with amazing imagery and fascinating characters. Every page found me entranced by the events and the characters. When I wasn’t reading this book (as I had to do something more than just sit and read this book cover to cover), I would think about the story, wondering how a certain situation would play out. I have read countless books that, while interesting enough to keep me reading until the end, have failed to garner my empathy for the characters in the book. Myndi has achieved exactly that. I truly cared about the main characters and felt many of the same emotions as the characters. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book. Already looking forward to Book Two of the Shrilugh series!