Jonny Blackwood


Guitar technician Jonny Blackwood has been in the business for over two decades.

His love of guitars began in his youth on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada where he showed a keen interest in guitar electronics, eventually building his own guitars in school while spending the rest of his time learning “the fastest riffs” he could.

By the time Jonny reached his early 20s his favourite guitar store finally gave in and started paying him for hanging round the shop. It was there the owner, whose tech credits include INXS, Metallica, Bryan Adams, Kd Lang and Aerosmith, saw a talent in him and began nurturing his passion and determination to learn.

After moving to Edmonton some years later he worked in a number of stores honing his skills on hundreds of guitars whilst studying all aspects of guitar setups, maintenance and repair. During this time he was an authorized technician for major brands including Fender (Fender, Squier, Gretsch, Tacoma, Jackson, Charvel, Guild), Gibson (Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer), Godin (Godin, Simon & Patrick, Norman, Seagull), Ibanez, Martin and Larrivee to Yamaha, Washburn and many more, he has also been awarded Factory Certification from Fender (2007) and Taylor Guitars (2014).

In 2009 he started teaching others how to setup their own guitars through private workshops and in 2013 he published his first book How to Setup your Guitar like a Pro: An Easy Guide for Beginners, now sold and distributed through Amazon worldwide.

As well as teaching guitar repair classes throughout western Canada, Jonny runs a repair business where he continues to earn a reputation of being a hard-working, diligent and in-demand guitar technician. And when he's not tweaking guitars, he's playing them - somewhere close to home, in Edmonton, AB Canada.

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