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Smashwords book reviews by Jedaia Rose Doñoz

  • Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy on June 27, 2012

    It started well but turned out and ended to be a disappointment. I got this book through the ARR program in Goodreads and I'm grateful to Ms. Johnson for providing me a copy to review. Honestly, I had such high hopes for this book because it was about fey. I love these kinds of books, especially what with The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. First thing that I noticed was that, Meghan, the character here in Faelorehn, had the exact same name with the main character in Kagawa's The Iron Fey, even with the spelling. Perhaps it was just a coincidence but it didn't really sit well with me. To add, one of Meghan's best friend here is named Robyn. Meghan from The Iron Fey had Robin as her bestfriend, as well. There was just a difference in spelling and gender. Now, on with the story. Meghan Elam had been hearing voices and seeing things and visions ever since she could remember. As a child, she was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles and was adopted. She had been to psychiatrists and therapists and then she found out that there was a reason for all the madness. Meghan is Otherworldy and not human at all. The start was interesting, to say the least. But the interest soon waned. The major problem with this book is the pacing. It was so dragging. I was shocked to find out I was already halfway through and not much development had happened. Secondly, the characters were weak. Meghan, above all, was gullible, weak, and unstable. I could understand that it was hard to cope with the things she learned, that she was shaky from all the information she got. But, she was extremely and unreasonably inconsistent with her behavior. And, when Cade got mixed into the picture, her character went downhill even more. The romance in this story -- it felt like Ms. Johnson was trying to hard and the effort didn't end up well. The romance was forcefully incorporated and out of place. At one moment, Meghan was conflicted with her identity and the next, her thoughts are warring about Cade's loyalty and her heartbreak and what have you. Nonetheless, the concept was great and the take with the Celtic gods and goddesses was a fresh taste but I guess, I just really didn't like this at all.
  • Talented (Talented Saga #1) on June 30, 2012

    Intriguing. Kick-ass. And I'm smitten I was captivated by the summary and I'm happy to say that I was not let down by Talented. I was even surprised in a very good way as I wasn't really expecting to be ultimately caught up. Natalia Lyon's world was set after the world had gone through extreme environmental changes, after the world was contaminated by nuclear leaks that probably induced powers, abilities, TALENTS on the children born. It wasn't a totally unique concept but the twists and the plot that Davis came up with was what I truly considered as one of a kind. These Talents - people with the abilities - led the separation of the states into two factions: the Agency and the Coalition. Natalia Lyon's parents were thought to be killed by Ian Crane, the leader of the Coalition and she was in search of revenge. Thus, she aimed to become a Hunter - the equivalent for spies. As a hunter, she would need to thwart rebellious attempts of those who rejects Talents, kill those who are harming the Talents' causes. Talia's life, while training to become a Hunter, was packed with conflicting emotions towards two boys, betrayals, missions, pressures and secrets. I love Talented. It rocked me and I was holding my breath while I was reading through the final pages. I didn't want it to end, especially with the kind of heart-pounding ending that Davis wrote. With regards to the writing style, despite some typos, it was good. The pace was enough not to bore me. The characters are strong, interesting and I became quite attached to a few of them. Talia is incredible. Her powers were beyond awesome and it was revealed that she's capable of more than what she thinks. I badly want to know how truly powerful she really is! In a conflicted world, she grew up to be not normal. She's motivated by revenge brought about by the death of her parents, surrounded by people who either were uneasy of her or were putting pressures on her. She's brave and the weakness that she displays from time to time are valid and reasonable. I love how Davis wrote about how Talia is also plagued by normal problems like boys and love life. Speaking of boys, wow. Could this book get any thrilling and hot? I was starting to fall in love with Donavon and ended up choosing Erik because well, why shouldn't I? Donavon was a disappointment and learning how he kept some vital secrets and is still keeping some from Talia was a let down. Thank God we have Erik. He's sarcastic, entertaining, funny, and hot. But despite all these, it turned out that he has some deep issues as well. One more thing I love was how this book has more to offer. More secrets are needed to be revealed. More betrayals are about to come to fruition. More frustration in regards with the boys! And yes, I consider the ending as a cliff-hanger. Totally. I want the second book! Book Two, please. :) To add, I want to thank the author for providing me a copy. This book made my day. I'm glad to have found such an interesting book.