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Jill Ashlock never considered herself to be a normal child growing up in small-town U.S.A. She constantly found herself struggling to find an identity that was at least likable by most of her simple-minded peers. Eventually, the goal of keeping up with the Jones became a moot idea, and she developed a love for simplicity with the man of her dreams on 125 acres in the middle of no-where.
Knowing she wanted to be more than what she had grown up being, Jill worked hard to become and achieve everything she was told she could never be. Turning her pain into visual masterpieces as an artist or developing several successful companies as an entrepreneur, was still not the evidence she desired to prove to herself that she had beat the hell on Earth life dealt to her. She has spent years searching for the answers to life’s mysteries and continues to find solace in being unique, as well as oppositional to society’s definition of “normal”.
It wasn’t until writing her first biography that she realized how therapeutic putting her memories on paper for others to read could be to herself. The Grooming Stage series reflects on her own life as an abuse victim, and she is quick to admit that she still argues with the voices of her past daily.
“So many people feel alone. They think no one else can understand their pain or what it’s like to live with it. That’s true. No one can or will ever feel the hurt that you possess in your heart, nor the anger instilled within you from the hate you have towards your abuser.”
Jill never wanted anyone to feel sorry for her. She refuses to indulge in self-pity. She stands firm in knowing, with confidence, that you CAN overcome a bad childhood. You can be something, even though you were convinced that you were nothing. “You don’t have to use your traumatic past as an excuse to be less than… it fuels me to be bigger and better every day.”
“We are often let down by the people we trust the most, and find we are loved greatest by the least expected. Once you learn to love yourself, owning all of your scars as survival battle wounds, you figure out that even the worst childhood imaginable can be turned into the most beautiful life you thought you may have never deserved.” -Jill Ashlock

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The Grooming Stage: Selection Process
Price: $3.49 USD. Words: 63,610. Language: English. Published: January 27, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » General, Fiction » Biographical
She was once a southern, trailer-trash plaything for her abusive step-father to patronize. Today, Nicky Keenly is a relaxed, hard-core, confident professional with a booming million dollar thoroughbred company. She has the reins on things around her and control of her own life, now… or at least she thinks she does. When a case in her hometown threatens her sanity, she soon realizes she's wrong.

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