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  • I Married An Alien on July 22, 2012

    I don't know what sort of review to give this book since I couldn't read more than 30 pages. I guess it was really hard to get behind the body snatcher plot. The MC essentially takes over the body of a beautiful young woman in the future and while I knew that this was the plot from the description, the more I read of Ruth settling into the snatched body, the more it bothered me. This might be a good book if you can get through it, but it didn't hold my interest enough for me to be willing to complete it :(
  • A Scandalous Charade (Regency Romance, Book 2) on July 22, 2012

    I would actually rate this book more at 3.5 stars. It's okay and I did finish it, but I'll admit that I like the regency formula. Yes it's a formula and you would think that reading essentally the same book a hundred times would get boring, and it does, but I still like the formula. This book follows the formula to an extent. We have the rakish hero and plucky heroine. They did well enough together. My first complaint lies in the unceremonious death of someone close to the heroine. It was jarring and didn't fit with the rest of the book. There were also some awkward scenes that would jump from one topic to another with no logic and some scences that were obvious padding where nothing but a rehash would happen and the dialogue was pretty boring. Now for a spolier alert________________________ There is also the problem of the hero and his past. The book explained what happened between him and his sister in law from his pov and that was fine, but he was penalized several times for what happened and seems to assume some knowledge from the reader about the relationship between his sister in law and brother. Frankly, when they first meet up, the author might be going for hated and enmity, but it comes across as a bit flirtatious and certainly inappropriate. We're never given any reason to assume the SIL isn't a schemeing tart who's trying to foist her illegitamate child off on her unsuspecting husband and there's no resolution to that storyline. The hero just decides to let his brother live in ignorance if it makes him happy. It's a small detail, but a niggling one. I wish the writer had been more forthcoming with what actually happened or had not made it such a big deal. Either would have been fine with me. As for the death mentioned earlier, it was the heroine's sister which I wholly expected to be a heroine in a future book. There's a short paragraph that sayd she was poisoned and died and there were more repercussions from the death, but it was really abrupt and sad and jarring and made me dislike the book. She admited to loving a man who was away and the return of him was a big deal, but we never see his return or his devestation upon learning of the death of his lover. It seems that it should have been a bigger deal.