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Jim was born a long time ago in a part of Washington state he cannot remember ever seeing since he was a young person of 3 days when his mother moved on with him. As part of a military family, he traveled a lot with his childhood memories tied to Oklahoma, England, and then Texas where he spent most of his adolescent years. He graduated from North Texas State University (now University of North Texas) with a B.S. in education majoring in psychology. His work years have consisted of eleven years in the U.S. Army, many more working for the Texas prison system and in the local county sheriff's office from where he was eventually fired ostensibly for using a county computer for personal use, but actually had more to do with complaining about illegal activities of employees. He also made a short stint as a substitute teacher which he found to be absolutely distasteful, because of the lack of any learning among the students. While working for the Texas prison system, je helped start a union (AFSCME) at one of the prison units and wrote several articles for the newsletter after the union was established. After a few months doing that, he was eventually told they would no longer accept his articles, because of his refusal to compromise for the sake of the prison administrators that were the problem in the first place.. At various times, he has also managed a couple of U-Tote-M stores in Austin and a fast food restaurant in another Texas town. He also had his own business in Austin for a short time, but failed in that enterprise.

Jim enjoys traveling and vacationing with his wife and working in their garden. He grows food while she grows flowers and plants. She eats the food I grow, but he doesn't eat her flowers or plants even though they are grown organically. Their kids are gone and establishing families of their own.

He has spent most of his life studying and watching. Studies have included such varied subjects as the occult, photography, and various aspects of organized religion. He has enjoyed photography and even made a little money at that as a hobby. Jim has more recently been concerned about the degradation of our country throughout the past couple dozen years that will continue unless radical changes are made in education, politics, and law. Even more than that, he believes we must relearn the meaning of honor, integrity, and truth among the many other important characteristics that that have nothing to do with our idea of capitalism and lack of concern about other than ourselves. Jim believes there are enough people that already know these things that we do stand a chance for a true republic in a free country..

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Understanding Our Government, And What to Do About It.
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 55,540. Language: English. Published: April 1, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Politics and Current Affairs » Activism
A brief people's history followed by complicity of those behind government leads to a chapter with a dictionary of words and phrases used by government and media with an explanation of what each truly means. The necessary changes provided by a peaceful revolution are presented with suggestions made as to how it is possible either as individuals or with some organizations that are already involved.

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