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  • Hell's Pawn on July 30, 2011
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    Jay Bell continues to surprise with his literary prowess. Hell's Pawn is an incredible work of fantasy fiction. A roller coaster of a ride that dives head first into mythology and religion in its many guises and forms. Bell uses the differing constructs to weave a story that is both engaging but also, whether intentional or not, an education in its own right. Bell has a commanding grasp of his chosen subject matter and the research he has done in this field is obvious. The story centres around John Grey, or more precisely his soul, caught in the no man's land of Purgatory, neither being Heaven nor Hell. All is not right in this world however John manages to escape only to find himself in Hell. Here he meets Rimmon, an Incubus who is sent to seduce John in order to win his favour in support of a task that Hell requires of him. His task is to amass an army, rallying the Gods of other realms and religions to join the Legions of Hell in attempting to bring order back to Purgatory, however it soon becomes apparent that Purgatory may not be the final goal of Hells plan. Those who are already familiar with Bells work, will find the style and pace of this book as equally familiar, however it is obvious that he is growing as a writer, and Hells Pawn is as polished a piece of writing as I have read from any commercial author I have read.