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I was the kid who rarely did his homework and almost never studied. Although I was a vivacious reader and loved to learn new things, I had no desire to go to college after high school. However, I having discovered a passion for Martial Arts and personal fitness, soon after graduating I earned my personal fitness trainer’s license from the International Sports Science Association. That would be the first of many career paths I would pursue in the following years.

A few years ago, like many others, I found myself working in a day-to-day job that I did not enjoy and could not imagine doing for the rest of my life. I felt I was at a crossroads in my life and had to decide if I should finally take a leap and further my education, try a different field of work, or just stick it out at my current job, which paid ok and had a great benefit package--very important with four kids.

After months on my knees, seeking guidance, the idea to write a book came into my mind. Write a book?! I was sure that I had received an answer to someone else’s prayer. But, the idea would not go away. So, with a background in fitness, I set out to write a non-fiction book on personal health and exercise. As I began to collect ideas, it just didn’t feel right. I asked again. It didn’t take long before the feeling hit me that I should write a novel. A novel!? I had NEVER written ANYTHING creative in my life! No short stories, magazine articles, poetry... Nothing! Yet, the urgency I felt to write would not subside.

I made up my mind that if I was going to write a novel, it would have to be a great book. I know that may seem like a stupid thing to decide, but I still wrote it down as my first goal in this new adventure. Other goals on my list included the fact that it would have to be unique, unpredictable, and real. I hate it when characters react to real-life situations by doing something unbelievable or far-fetched. I also determined it would need to be fast paced, have characters that were both likeable and relatable, a story that would keep readers guessing until the very end, and would--at some point--make them want to throw the book across the room. Let me clarify that last one. My favorite author, Matthew Reilly, is the master messing with his readers, like when he kills off a favorite character, for example, then later on, you find out that the character is not dead. You think “Oh, that #&*@$, he did it to me again!” I love that!!

I understand when the people I knew growing up are shocked to learn that I have written two full-length novels and am currently working on my third. I know they are apprehensive about the quality of book that I could have possibly written, but there is nothing more satisfying than hearing those same people, after reading some of my work, throw out comments like, “This is really good! You wrote this?”
Yep, it’s true. I wrote it. Believe it, or not.

It took me thirteen months to complete the first two books in my Second Chances series. Now, I leave it up to my readers to decide if I hit the goals on my list.

It has been both a fun-filled and trying experience, and I’ve been tested extensively in my life since I started this new career path. But, by discovering a talent I never knew I had, I have found a new passion that will open endless doors of possibility.

To anyone who has ever dared to chase a dream, I leave you with this quote that I have in my living room.

“Only by daring the ridiculous can you achieve the impossible.”

J.K. Broadwell

J.K. lives in Cedar City, Utah with his four children, Mason, Mercedes, Tarrick, and Porscha. He divides his time between writing, training, and being a father.

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