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My name is Jim Atkisson and Christian Price is my pen name. "When an Angel Intervenes" is one page torn from my life. It started out as a short story to enter a local short story contest. I was asked by my wife to tell my story. What she wanted me to write about was one day in my life. On January 24, 1986 at age 16 I went into the woods just under a half a mile away from help. It was my intent to set myself free from 10 years of depression and a fearful home life by shooting myself in the chest. I offered up a prayer, loaded a rifle and set it close to my heart, paused and pulled the trigger. There was an intervention that day.I'm alive 25 years latter.

What my wife wanted me to write about was what happened after I pulled the trigger. I finished "When an Angel Intervenes" and assumed this was the end of telling the story. I've started a journey in an effort to raise awarness of suicide. I found suicide lied to me, it promised me release from pain. The final act filled my mind with unspeakable terror and pain. I had a moment of regret when I saw the muzzle flash once I pulled the trigger. I wrote "When an Angel Intervenes" under a pen name becuase for 25 years I was afraid of the stigma surrounding what I did to myself. I was told "It would have been better if you had been burned up in a fire than shot yourself. People would see those scars and be more patient with you than your suicide." I am no longer afraid of my own story, if by sharing lives are saved than it would be wrong for me to take what I know about suicide with me to my grave when it's time for me to go. I am in the process of writing a biography in an effort to take a reader down that road, to the final moments, what I saw, my regrets and the hope that saved my life. A suicidal person lives under the thought there is no hope other than the one suicide seemingly offers up to them; offered up to me. Prior to losing my life for a period of time I saw I could have a future life and I wanted to live.

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