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J. Leigh writes primarily fantasy and YA fantasy novels. She has made one foray into science fiction, and enjoyed it so much she may eventually publish that experiment, if she survives the effort. Her favorite thing about writing fantasy is the excitement of exploring new worlds and experiencing exciting adventures — all on a very low-cost budget! All you really need is coffee. Low cost + coffee = success for a perpetual student like J. Leigh, who may have heard of the concept of a full-time job but likes to avoid that topic as much as possible.

When she isn’t writing, J. Leigh enjoys fencing, listening to music of a variety of genres, costuming, and inventing languages for her worlds. That last bit is a secret, so don’t tell. She may even put up some information on her blog about her different languages at some time, if she can be persuaded to.

Besides work, J. Leigh also doesn’t believe in ages. So don’t ask her how old she is. She is either eighteen or eighty-five, or somewhere in the middle.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was a military brat, so I grew up all over the country. Not only did I get to live a lot of places, but we were constantly taking road trips either to move from one base to another, or to visit relatives in other states. That was honestly one of the biggest influences on my writing and my love for world-creation. All those places I saw, all those different small town/big town, east coast/west coast, north/south, midwest/southwest cultures made a huge impression on me, not to mention the physical beauty of all the places we visited. I've always been deeply drawn to nature and I can't imagine what my life (or writing!) would be like without those experiences.
When did you first start writing?
I think every writer wants to claim "I've been writing since I was in utero," even if they got the itch to write in a college creative writing class. I didn't start writing in utero. Much too cramped. But, I know I always loved storytelling and used to draw picture books before I could write. I distinctly remember my first attempt at a story came when I was six. It was a book about a puppy. It was epic. It was heart-wrenching. It didn't get past chapter two, but that's not my fault -- the computer ate it. Well, that devastating set-back made me give up the whole enterprise in despair, but when I was ten I decided my defeat had lasted long enough and I took up the pen once more. But it was really my junior high English teacher, Mrs. Russell-Rader, who inspired me to want to _be_ a writer.
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