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  • Free Is Beautiful: Why Catholics should be libertarian on May 15, 2012

    "There is no virtue in having government take one man's money by the threat of force and giving it to another. The taxpayer does nothing virtuous, except yield to overwhelming state power. As government welfare replaces charity, it becomes easy and natural to turn away from the poor and leave 'charity' to the government. Government destroys our capacity for generosity. [...] The government commands compliance, not virtue. What the government gives is not a gift; and he to whom the government gives is not grateful; he neither knows nor cares from whom the benefit was taken. The welfare system denies him the opportunity to appreciate the help or reciprocate in any way. [...] The state makes itself indispensable to the poor, subjugating them forever, with the waste from bureaucratic overhead so high as would make real charitable organizations blush with shame. Pope Benedict noted the same in Caritas in Veritate [no. 47]: 'At times ... those who receive aid become subordinate to the aid-givers, and the poor serve to perpetuate expensive bureaucracies which consume an excessively high percentage of the funds.'" Amen. Randy England challenges those of all faiths who have a genuine care for those in need to abandon the modern administrative state. He makes a clear and thoughtful defense of pure libertarianism, which I believe will convince both liberals and conservatives to shift their views at least in part toward freedom.