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  • The Moon Dwellers on July 22, 2013

    You can find more of my reviews in my co-owned blog Boricuan Bookworms After reading quite a few dystopian books, I thought this one would go in the same road as the others I've read or even heard of. The Moon Dwellers takes you down a path of things that I consider might happen some day. It takes things from the modern day, like the United States Democracy System, with Davis Estes giving it a whole twist that goes well in the story. In this book, we have seventeen-year-old Adele Rose being sentenced to a life in jail for treachery from her parents. Because in her kind of society, that kind of behavior is passed from generation to generation. After six months of almost losing hope, Adele has found two friends who are whiling to help her escape, look for her sister, and travel across the Moon Real in search of her parents. With her two new friends and the fighting skills she's developed through the years thanks to her dad, she's up to the challenge, even when she's being chased by hunger-driven Rivet--personal worker for the President--who's trying to capture them. As this happens, the son of the President, Tristan, embarks to the Moon Realm and abandons the Sun Realm with his best friend and servant, Roc. When Tristan first saw Adele in the jail, he felt electricity and an unbearable pain go through him. Was she a witch? Why did those things happened to him? Deciding to look for her and interrogate her, both boys travel a few steps behind from Adele across the realm facing all kinds of trouble as a war is brewing around them. The book was written in two points of views, Adele and Tristan, as each one of them face their own troubled life, and go through the Moon Realm. At first it was a bit hard to read through them because their voice felt too juvenile, but as the story goes, it fits great because they are teenagers, with their own quirky remarks, sarcasm, and worries, plus adding the situations at hand. My favorite characters were Adele and Tristan because I felt they were the most developed ones. The others were great too, but they were more two-dimensional when compared to my favorite two. But I'll let it pass in the hope that in the following books in the series they can be more developed like Adele and Tristan. Adele was a great heroine in this story. She was independent, reliable, caring, funny, and wasn't whinny. She was a fighter throughout the whole book and I really liked that. Tristan was a troubled character having to deal with a dad that was corrupt, being called a President when in truth he was more a King; and the disappearance of his mother. He is one of the examples in this book that people shouldn't always be judged by appearances, and even less by their family history. The story plot was amazing. The only problem I had with this book was the pacing in addition with the voices of the two point of views. At times it made me be bored, but at others it was good. But the plot, oh wow. Thumbs-up-montage The descriptions were so vivid it was hard not to picture this whole world created by David. After certain events, the humans are forced to live underground in caves in order to survive. Not only was I amazed and mind-blown by the setting, but how the conflict develops in the story. We see how Democracy is used by the President for his own evil plans in the Tri-Realms and this is slowly but surely turned more into an empire. We see how people from the government who were righteous turn their gaze from that and into the money part. And how things are nowadays, it's something completely believable. And I really liked it. If you don't like much how the story is told by Adele and Tristan, I'm sure you'll still like the plot, the setting, the twists, everything else. This was a really good and intriguing beginning to the Dwellers series. If you're a lover of Dystopia, angst, a bit of mysterious brewing romance, and lots of action, this is for you. Rating: 4 stars By Jennifer Madero from