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JoAnne Dodgson, Ed.D. is a healer, author and teacher. She has a doctorate in counseling psychology and has been apprenticing in a Peruvian shamanic tradition since 2000. She brings rich diverse experience to her holistic healing practice, offering ancient teachings and ceremonial healing ways for awakening and self-empowerment, for living with purpose and passion, for creating balance and well-being in our modern-day lives.

JoAnne Dodgson writes medicine stories to inspire heart-centered ways of living. Her self-published books include: UnLeashing Love, Gifts of the Grandmother, and MoonDance Journal. She is currently writing and illustrating Spirit of Chocolate, a medicine story which celebrates this ancient sacred ceremonial food.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
My writing came alive during an unexpected and hugely transformational time of transition. Most everything about myself and how I'd lived for the prior 40 years was being called into question in some way. I began writing to express and explore the experiences I was having in nature, in my inner searchings and quest for healing, in finding my way in a new time and place in my life.

I never intended to write a book. I just started writing. And the story kept blossoming. And soon illustrations were made to dance on the pages with the words. And "Gifts of the Grandmother" was born in 2003. I personally printed and bound each book, meant only to be given as gifts to my family and friends. Immediately I began receiving requests from people who wanted to buy multiple copies of the book - a most delightful surprise. That was my initiation into the adventure of self-publishing.

"UnLeashing Love' is my current e-book available with Smashwords. "Unleashing Love" is a collection of medicine stories to feed the spirit and awaken the heart. The ancient art of storytelling has long been our way to learn, explore, discover and share the extraordinary beauty and mystery and magic of the world within us and all around.
What are you working on next?
"Spirit of Chocolate" - new medicine story and illustrated book - coming soon!

The story of chocolate begins in the rainforest with a tree who thrives in the shade beneath the dense jungle canopy. Cacao (ka-KOW) is quite extraordinary, simply like no other. She’s a magical, mystical tree.

Mayan cultures consider the Cacao Tree to be the World Tree. The Tree at the Center of the Universe. The Tree of Life. Symbolically in ancient art and stories, Cacao represents abundant nourishment, vast life potentials, natural cycles, connectedness, fertility. Associated with the Great Mystery, the Underworld and realms of Spirit, Cacao is revered for her unconditionally loving presence. Hers is a boundless embrace, such exquisite sharing. She’s Life which feeds Life which feeds Life.

In her physical form, the nourishment given naturally by Cacao is food for diverse beings. Frogs, bats, snakes, monkeys, birds and insects feast on various elements of the tree. Cacao provides food for people too. In ancient cultures, the roasted seeds of Cacao were ground into a thick paste to create what we call ‘chocolate.’ Not only enjoyed as a delicious food, Cacao was consumed for ceremonial purposes. Cacao is sacred nourishment for body, mind, spirit and heart.
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UnLeashing Love
Price: Free! Words: 9,560. Language: English. Published: August 12, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Spiritual inspiration, Fiction » Inspirational
In the ancient art of storytelling, UnLeashing Love is filled with personal reflections and myth-like teachings to invite awakenings, passionate searchings, and rich discoveries. The medicine stories in UnLeashing Love carry many layers of meaning which open new awareness, nourish healing, and awaken deeply felt connections with the extraordinary web of life.

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