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Smashwords book reviews by joawmeens

  • Thump on March 10, 2014

    A “Thump”ing good read! #badwordplay Thrillers of all kinds are right in my wheelhouse, and I am always looking for different types and styles. When I read the description for this, the courtroom stuff reminded me of Law & Order, which I have been a fan of since it debuted 86 years ago, so I thought I would give it a shot. The story centers around an African American man who tries to take revenge for being wrongfully terminated, by suing the company for sexual harassment. The problem was, it’s not so cut and dry, and it might not have been unwanted, or against his will. First off, this is much better written, and much smarter than any episode of Law & Order, and it is much more than that. The character dialogue itself is fantastic, and sharper and more intelligent than your normal primetime procedural. It was very fast paced, and an enthralling read from start to finish. I recommend it.