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Jodie wanted to be a genie when she grew up. Then she discovered they could spend centuries locked in a bottle and now writes about them instead.

When not writing about Ruby's adventures, Jodie has adventures of her own.

As a traveler, she's crossed the Rajasthan desert on a camel, plied Asian rivers on an elephant, driven a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka, dined in a haunted Scottish castle, climbed an active volcano on a tiny Pacific island, swam horses in the sea, dived with sharks in Sydney Harbor, parachuted from an old Cessna biplane, visited witch doctors in Africa, and explored overgrown temples in Cambodia, underwater caverns in Jamaica, and bat caves in outback Australia.

Jodie has now settled in Colorado with her husband and their adopted cat, Lola.

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Smashwords book reviews by Jodie Brownlee

  • Dreams Unleashed, Book 1 of The Prophecies Dystopian Trilogy on Oct. 28, 2011

    Off and running from the start! Linda Hawley presents a dystopian view of the Patriot Act, with microchip technology providing a means for government to monitor everyone's lives and undermine their privacy. Set in Washington in 2015, the plot shifts back in time, and switches into dreams, revealing information and posing questions as the plot unfolds. The heroine, Ann Torgeson, is a woman with a mysterious background and a special power; her dreams are a potent weapon which has her wanted by a government she no longer trusts. Indeed, it is difficult to know just who Ann can trust and every character is suspect. Ann is a secret member of the GOG anti-government group using her CIA training to undermine the government while maintaining a normal outward life as a technical writer for an energy company. Woven throughout the story are references to the metaphysical which helps to flesh out Ann's character and explain why her dreams might be so powerful. By the end we are on the edge of our seats wondering what will happen next. It ends on an unexpected cliff hanger which hooks you into the sequel. Whether or not you agree with the political statements in the book (it contains current-day political references), the plot is fast paced and keeps you reading. If you like political thrillers and government conspiracy stories you will LOVE this book. I'm glad to have been enticed back into the political thriller genre with Linda's book. It is a suspense-filled page turner that leaves you eager for book two. A brilliant first novel!