Jodie Brownlee


Jodie wanted to be a genie when she grew up. Then she discovered they could spend centuries locked in a bottle and now writes about them instead.

When not writing about Ruby's adventures, Jodie has adventures of her own.

As a traveler, she's crossed the Rajasthan desert on a camel, plied Asian rivers on an elephant, driven a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka, dined in a haunted Scottish castle, climbed an active volcano on a tiny Pacific island, swam horses in the sea, dived with sharks in Sydney Harbor, parachuted from an old Cessna biplane, visited witch doctors in Africa, and explored overgrown temples in Cambodia, underwater caverns in Jamaica, and bat caves in outback Australia.

Jodie has now settled in Colorado with her husband and their adopted cat, Lola.


This member has not published any books.