Joe C. Thompson


Sharing Jamie's World is the valiant story of the fifteen-year life of cystic fibrosis victim, Jamie Thompson, told by his father. It is also the story of how his illness and his fight against it drew his whole family together in their ardent desire to help him in his courageous battle against this affliction. The remarkable patience of his parents and brother is fortified by their enduring faith in God and close friends.

About the Author: Joe C. Thompson was born in Indiana and grew up there. After he finished high school, where he played sports, he took several sales seminars and a Dale Carnegie course. He worked in factories after school and has been an insurance salesman for forty-five years. He was active in community affairs and is a member of the Optimists Club, and has worked with the Girls' Softball League and Mooresville Men's Tennis League. On several occasions, he has spoken on salesmanship and cystic fibrosis.

Sharing Jamie's World is his first published book, the true story of his third son's courageous fight to survive cystic fibrosis. Mr. Thompson still lives in Indiana with Wanda, his wife of forty-seven years. They have a son, Joe Jr.


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