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Born in the North East of England in a solid working class environment and escaped the desolation of redundancy and limited opportunities by travelling the world building oil related 'stuff'. Worked in South America, North and West Africa, The Middle East, and, South East Asia, finally putting down roots there and now seventeen years on still resident here.

On the journey, had a beer or two, took part in many cultural exchanges, had a couple of beers, fought a few tigers, quelled a revolution or two, advised some world leaders, fell in love and had a few more beers, all without leaving the pub.

Age caught up and during an extended stay in hospital for chronic osteoarthritis, as well as physical, I found I needed mental therapy, and began writing out anything and everything I could recall about my travels, the people, the places, the ladies, the beers and of course...the tee's the results.

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