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  • Healing is a Way of Life: Practical steps to healing. Talks by Canon Jim Glennon. on Dec. 10, 2012

    It is difficult to imagine a more rational and readable book on the subject of divine healing. At the same time, its pages contain ideas of such power that, when applied consistently and constantly, they enable the reader to draw on the true supernatural source of wholeness for body mind and spirit. Christ came to proclaim the Kingdom of God which, as Canon Jim Glennon explains, is God’s perfect rule and perfect provision. His promises reflect his will, and his will is to provide a rich store of available blessings to those who are willing to reach out and take them. What are offered, however, are not magic formulas that place us in control but rather quite the opposite. The emphasis is on dependence and trust in God in all circumstances. When a person speaks and acts in a manner that reflects that dependence and trust in God, then God is enabled to provide his blessing. This may sound like abstract theorizing, but Glennon is one of those rare teachers who make it clear just how the power of which he speaks may be appropriated in our practical circumstances. The general effect of all this is extremely uplifting, because it presents a big vision of what is available to us through the atoning death of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. There is a sense of a rich land waiting to be possessed. It requires perseverance, as did the journey to the Promised Land of the Old Testament, but the alternative for so many of us is a life of discouragement. Those who want a keener understanding of the heart of the New Testament, the promises of God, and how those are not just in the area of healing but in every department of life, this book cannot be surpassed. Zillah Williams has arranged the sermons of Canon Glennon in a form in which they can be easily and systematically digested. My small group in New England has been studying this book carefully over many months to the tremendous benefit of each of us, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.