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  • A to Z Stories of Life and Death on Aug. 13, 2011

    A fantastic collection exploring life and love and death and everything in between. The prose is rich and evocative, and it's well worth checking if you love sharp and snazzy literary fiction. There's a wonderful mix of everything here, from the gritty and realistic to the dreamy and fairy-like. The author knows her stuff, and clearly, it shows. A+ and two thumbs up.
  • The Doll on Oct. 04, 2011

    'The Doll' is a skillful exercise in the macabre that grabs you by the short hairs of the neck and doesn't let go. JC Martin blends fact and fiction here to produce one heck of a read that is reminiscent of the best of Poe and Barker. It's atmospheric, disturbing and hypnotic, and the heat and sweat of Isla de la Munecas will stick to you long after you turn the last page. A great debut from an outstanding author. This is dark suspense at its best! Primal and acidic!
  • The Secret Operation in the Matriarch's Kitchen on Nov. 28, 2011

    The Secret Operation in the Matriarch's Kitchen is the kind of anthropomorphic adventure you used to dream about as a five year old. It's wholesome, big-hearted and packed to the brim with great feats of derring-do. This is speculative fiction at its finest; the grandest of adventures; the most perilous of quests. So do give it a go! It'll make you feel young again!
  • Goodbye, Goddess on Dec. 18, 2011

    This is modern fantasy at its best -- gritty, hard-boiled and unflinching. You want pathos? Check. Moral intrigue? Check. Scintillating action? Check. 'Goodbye, Goddess' works on so many levels, and every time I thought that I had something figured out, the author surprised me with a sucker punch. And another. And another. Teintze doesn't just deconstruct cliches here. She downright demolishes them with narratives that are both strong and pacey. The archetypes here may be classic, but her approach to them is completely edgy. In her world, a dragon isn't just a dragon, and magic isn't just magic. They are dramatic springboards that propel the reader into the depths of psychological conflict. Where what's simmering and festering beneath the surface is as exciting as what's happening above. There's real stakes here; real emotional power. So do give 'Goodbye, Goddess' crack. You'll be glad you did.
  • Blood of Nanking on April 17, 2014

    Blood of Nanking is propulsive, intriguing and macabre, all wrapped in a daring narrative that explores one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. I really enjoyed the author's research and attention to detail here. The way she unravels and dissects her anti-hero, Hagesawa, is nothing short of fascinating. If you're a fan of Clive Barker and Mo Hayder, you should definitely pick this up. It's a seductive combination of horror and humanity. A true sucker punch of a read! I am very much looking forward to read more speculative fiction from Antonna Seton.
  • Zombies Ate My Muslim on Jan. 21, 2015

    What would happen if Woody Allen and Edgar Wright decided to team up and make a zombie farce starring Barbra Streisand? Well, chances are, it would look very much like 'Zombies Ate My Muslim'! This is the blackest of black comedies -- rollicking, horrific and absurd. Author Ted Mahsun pulls no punches and delivers one preposterous scenario after another, ramping up the gasps and laughs as he hurtles towards a terrific finish. This is edutainment at its best. So snap up 'Zombies Ate My Muslim'! You know you want to.
  • The Dangers of Growing Air-cooled Volkswagens in Your Backyard on Jan. 21, 2015

    Rip-roaringly hilarious and inventive, this story reads like Roald Dahl on steroids! I marvelled at the author's ability to take the seemingly prosaic and spin it into surreal comedy. The hero, Sayyid, is a migrant farmer who grows organic Volkswagens for a living. That's right. Organic Volkswagens! As in, the German automobile! Only these cars are feisty and have minds of their own. And when they bust out of Sayyid's compound and take a bigoted neighbour hostage, all kinds of awesome hijinks follow. Is this comedy? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Who cares. Just read this story already. The title alone tells you all you need to know. It's a laugh riot!