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John M. Dow was born in a small mining community in central Scotland and, other than a short stay in Australia, has lived there ever since.

His life to date has been split evenly between writing and technology. His technology career pays the bills and the writing keeps him sane.

To date, he has published reviews and articles for computing and video game magazines, as well as short stories.

From Within is his first novel; a dark and frantic homage to the horror fiction of the 1970s and 1980s.

His second book is a dark fantasy documenting a conflict between immortals. The events therein stretch from ancient Babylon to the modern day.

His preferred genres are dark fantasy and horror, and promises never to feature sparkly vampires. His short stories have ranged from the blatantly surreal to the comedic, and he feels that humour has a very definite role to play in the modern horror novel.

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Smashwords book reviews by John M. Dow

  • The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Unraveling on May 22, 2011
    (no rating)
    Possibly the best indie publication I've read. It's an intense, gripping, and well written story; or the first part of one, at least. At times reminiscent of H.G. Wells and John Wyndham, the story follows the fortunes of a bewildered young man who is one of the few survivors of a biological apocalypse. I'll certainly be reading the follow up.
  • Facebook A Passion gone too far on June 01, 2011

    Disturbing in the extreme. This is very much a morality play for the new millennium, featuring some very twisted individuals. Had to read it with one eye open and a wince on my face.
  • The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Journey on Aug. 05, 2011

    The author has created a rich and vibrant post-apocalypse world which is frighteningly plausible. In this concluding chapter of the trilogy, we get a glimpse into the landscapes and lifestyles of this world. Extremely enjoyable - I'm looking forward to future titles from this author.