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I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. While I have dabbled in various genres, I tend to come back to SciFi and Fantasy wherever possible. This probably comes from working nearly 20 years in the games industry, but I'm sure that I would have gravitated toward space ships and wizards one way or the other.

Sometimes I write alone, but usually I team up with other authors because I find it more fun to bounce ideas back and forth. Most of the books I wrote on my own were kids SciFi books that I wrote under the pen name "J. L. Patrick."

Here are the comedic worlds I write in:

*** The Intergalactic Research Bureau (co-authored with Christopher P. Young) ***
This is a comedic SciFi series that is intended to provide the reader with a full, interesting story that has deep characters and interesting twists and turns. Imagine a massive floating corporation in the middle of the galactic empire. Now imagine corporate America, throw in a bunch of different races, and an investigative team (The Intergalactic Research Bureau) that has to solve crimes, go on special assignments, and so on, and you've got an idea for what this series entails.

*** Platoon F (co-authored with Christopher P. Young) ***
This is a comedic SciFi series that is intended to be over-the-top crazy. The humor is a bit racy and juvenile (think "Futurama" and "South Park"), and the missions are all relatively short...around 100-120 pages. This is one of those series that you'll either love or hate, at least that's what the reviews show. Very polarizing!

*** Tales From the Land of Ononokin (co-authored with Christopher P. Young) ***
This is a comedic Fantasy series that takes the known aspects of most fantasy worlds and flips it on its head. There are two major pieces to Ononokin: the Upperworld and the Underworld. They are separated by a dimensional plane. In the Upperworld you have knights, wizards, kings, dwarfs, halflings, and all those things you expect from medieval type fantasy. In the Underworld you have trolls, vampires, werewolves, dark halflings, gnomes, and all those things you'd expect in the "evil" side of standard fantasy. But the Underworld is not evil...they're just technologically advanced!

And here are the serious worlds I write in...

*** The Exo Assassin Series (co-authored with Christopher P. Young) ***
(Coming soon!) Kyle Anderson is a merc. Ex-military and was considered the best at what he does...until he faked his death and slipped off the grid, and changed his identity to "Lassiter." Now he only runs missions that suit his desire to take down the power-hungry, the politically corrupt, and members of the military that relish in war.

*** The Cryogenic Wars Series (co-authored with Christopher P. Young) ***
(Coming soon!) Old Humanity had nearly destroyed itself back in the 21st century, which brought a new set of rules that included genetic manipulation so that people would lose that incessant need for battle. But as New Humanity spread through out the galaxy they soon realized that they needed that battle mind, so they genetically engineered old-style humans to be used specifically as soldiers. Since they didn't need them all the time, they kept them in cryogenic stasis, bringing them out only when war raged.

*** The Galactic Thieves Series (co-authored with Benjamin S. Zackheim) ***
(Coming soon!) This is a dark, adventurous SciFi series that brings a crew of rough and tough women throughout the universe as they lie, steal, and cheat in order to keep their heads above water. They fight, the kill, they steal...and they're damn competent at it. But sometimes the simple turns into the complex and these ladies always need to keep one-step ahead in the cut-throat business of the galactic thieves.

*** The New Earth Hegemony Series (co-authored with Christopher P. Young) ***
(Coming soon!) The wealthy from Earth used up the majority of her resources and then built ships so that they could leave and colonize a new planet, that they called New Earth. Knowing that they couldn't build the planet on their own, they brought along a bunch of the middle-class with them, indenturing them in the process. Now, though, they are in a position to take control over old Earth and subjugate the planet, but old Earth is full of people that never did take well to being pushed around.

*** My Publisher ***
All of my books are through Crimson Myth Press ( ).

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