John Jones


Tammy,John's wife, calls him her "bushman" as he grew up in the Australian outback, where he learnt many of his survival skills. He has been called upon to practice these skill in many desolate and remote parts of the world.

John gained his love of adventure at an early age when his family immigrated from England to Australia, as "£10 poms". As a boy he was never happier than when wandering, bare footed, through the Australian bush and rain forests.

John has always been close to nature. (He would say, "Too bloody close!") When skin-diving on the Great Barrier Reef, he had just speared a sizeable fish. With his spear gun unloaded, he looked up to see a Great White Shark, swimming slowly towards him. It approached to within ten feet. Pulling his empty spear gun back in readiness to smack the shark on the nose, he was relieved when it turned and swam back the way it had come.

On another occasion, he was asked to catch snakes for medical research on their deadly poisons. While driving down the highway at eighty miles an hour, with a sack full of snakes on the back seat of the car, he felt something on his thigh. Looking down, he found one of the snakes had escaped from the sack and was on his lap. Rearing up, the snake wrapped itself around the steering wheel and looked him straight in the eyes only inches away from his face.

There were many other incidents besides. To briefly relate just a few. Waking up to find a huge tarantula spider on his bare foot. Being bitten by a scorpion. (It took almost a whole bottle of vodka to relieve the pain.) Crossing a section of the Sahara Desert considered to be impassable, at that time of year. (Of course he didn't know that at the time.)

Of all the things that John values in life, he treasures his wife and family the most.


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