Smashwords book reviews by Jolene

  • Under Mr. Nolan's Bed - Original (Uncut, Unrevised, Uncensored) on June 29, 2011

    *Warning* This is an adult story with very graphic sexual encounters. Please read with an open mind This is my second Selena Kitt read and was blown away with her writing style. She manages to pull you into the story and not only gives her erotic writing sexual imagery by the reader but her stories also hold depth. This book is overloaded with sex scenes but they aren't dull and each encounter is different and unique and keeps me guessing how the characters are going to interact next. I was really enjoying the first half of this book, the heroine was 18 but I wasn't quite sure how old the hero was, but I was assuming he was in his 40's. This is a taboo romance and was shocked towards the end even though I had a feeling it was coming. Given the behavior of the heroines best friend I could see the story going in that direction but was still a little shocked when it did. The ending actually blew me away because that did take me by surprise. I would actually like to know how all that played out, and felt like I was left with some questions on how the characters were left feeling after the big revelation. Just to put this out there, this book does feature incest. If by my saying that word makes you cringe, don't read this. I really think you need to have an open mind and take it in as a story being told of a 18 year old girl exploring her sexuality. A different take on a erotic romance, filled with an abudence of sex scenes with a story woven in between.