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  • Learning The Ropes on Sep. 14, 2012

    This was a very cute love story, and I enjoyed reading it. The plot moved along at a steady pace, and the characters were interesting enough to hold my attention well. I did somewhat identify with the main characters in the sense that I completely understand their instant connection to each other, as I have experience it myself, so that aspect of the book was very sweet and personal to me. I did not give it 5 stars for a couple reasons... The characters were interesting but also were somewhat flat, as the main characters were exceptionally good with no deviations from that, no bad qualities at all. Also, there was an excess amount of description of the two main character's attractive features, and nearly every other line was either one of them falling over in hot fits at how attractive the other was (though it was not an erotica, only some kisses between the main characters). The plotline itself was interesting enough, though I felt more time could have been spent on some aspects of it, such as the "treasure hunt" the two main characters find themselves in the midst of. There were also several back stories and subplots that I think could have been fleshed out more to up the stakes and my investment in the story, as a reader. There was quite a bit of jumping between viewpoints with little or no warning, and that detracted a bit from the story itself. I did like how each chapter was prefaced with a nugget of "cowboy wisdom" that pertained to the chapter, which I thought was an interesting and unique addition to the story. All in all, it was a fun, sexy love story and an enjoyable read. I had as much fun reading it as I'm sure the author had writing it.