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Jon Chaisson lives in San Francisco with his wife Amanda, several books, and a ridiculously large music collection. He's the author of the Bridgetown Trilogy, published here at Smashwords.

He blogs on Mondays about the writing life at Welcome to Bridgetown ( He also blogs on Thursdays about his possibly unhealthy obsession with collecting and listening to music at Walk in Silence (

Smashwords Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm a self-published writer who's been releasing books at the rate of at least one a year since 2015. It's an insane way to go about making a buck, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I currently live in the west side of San Francisco with my wife Amanda, far too many books, a few guitars, and a ridiculously large digital music collection. Oh, and a lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge from my office window. I've been writing since I was a teenager, but it's only recently that I've made the decision to go DIY and self-publish my works, and I still think it's the best career move I've ever made.
Why self-publish?
That's a good question. I've blogged about it here:

I self-publish for many reasons...the quick turnaround, the freedom it provides in my career, and especially the DIY attitude, for starters. I've always been a bit of a nonconformist in my own way, and I was drawn to the idea that I could release my novels on my own terms. I wouldn't do it half-arsed, of course; I'm well aware of the amount of work that goes into releasing novels this way, as well as how much work comes *after* the release, with the post-production (such as the cover art and the formatting) and the promotion. I choose to look at it like a punk band would have back in the 80s: do it the way you want to the best of your ability, don't worry about being the square peg in a round hole, and remember to have fun doing it at every moment. And above all, be creative about it. I still think it's the best decision I've ever made in my writing career.
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In My Blue World
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 82,370. Language: English. Published: March 2, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy, Fiction » LGBTQ+ » Lesbian
Zuzannah is not your typical magical girl. She's from your future, and she's in desperate need of your help. But are you up to the task?
Meet the Lidwells! A Rock n' Roll Family Memoir
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 83,050. Language: English. Published: March 4, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Coming of age, Fiction » Literature » Literary
The story of four siblings and two cousins who start a band as teenagers and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. But while they consistently top the charts with their irresistibly catchy tunes, they're also fighting their own demons: perfectionism, disenchantment, addiction, exhaustion, sexism...and figuring out how to become an adult in front of millions of fans.
The Balance of Light - A Novel of the Mendaihu Universe, Book 3
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 192,560. Language: English. Published: February 10, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
The greatest spiritual war Earth has ever witnessed has begun.
The Persistence of Memories - A Novel of the Mendaihu Universe, Book 2
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 161,510. Language: English. Published: April 15, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
A new Season of Embodiment has come, and the One of All Sacred must decide whether to avoid a potential war between the Mendaihu and the Shenaihu…or provoke one.
A Division of Souls - A Novel of the Mendaihu Universe, Book 1
Price: Free! Words: 154,000. Language: English. Published: September 3, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
(4.00 from 1 review)
Caren Johnson’s younger sister has been forcibly awakened as a powerful and supernatural deity, revered by multiple worlds...and a war has just been declared in her name.